What You Don’t Know About Money Stress

money stress

Do you notice this? You stress when you don’t have enough money. You stress when you feel like you don’t have enough money. When you have enough money, you stress how to use them and how to hang onto it. No matter what money situation you have, money stresses you all the time. Why?

cause of money stress

We, humans, are capable of adaptation to different environments. We can adapt our attitude and mindset through our families, friends, school environment, work environment, the community in which we are participating, etc. Adaptation is a necessity because that’s how we learn, and that’s how we adjust to our environment.

Over the years, we are taught money is a way of living. What does living mean? In Google, it says, “an income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it” and “the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type”. See? Living is now incorporated with money.

The world taught us that earning and spending money to sustain our lifestyle is normal and called “living”. If we are poor, we can’t live the life we want. We are taught that it is important to get a stable, high-paying job to be happy. Ever heard the saying “study/work hard to get everything you want”? I bet you did. It seems like money makes the world go round, and we humans are a slave to it.

And this money mindset is what we are talking about in the previous article, a programmed mindset. Even if you know deep down money is not your life, your mind is the one who believes it, not you. Therefore money still stresses you.

How can you say something is valuable to you? If you think it is so precious that you can’t live without it, right? Let’s be honest with it; most of us think of the money that way. If something isn’t valuable to you, you won’t care that much about it.

But, here’s the real thing, money has no value of its own. Money’s worth is just societally made and accepted. Money became valuable because the consumers traded it to the merchants for the things they needed and wanted. Money only became valid to run the economy. But without all of this, money is just paper with printed digits on it.

Only the resources, such as land, water, crude oil, crops, and humans, make value, not the money. Money is just a tool to exchange between resources. That’s why it is confused to be that important. But the truth is, money itself cannot support your life. Do you think the trees and the animals need money to live? Human life is the same as all the other lives on the earth. Life doesn’t need money. But you think it does.

Now, does it makes sense why money stresses you out? Because you think handling money is a life-and-death situation. You put all your energy and emotions into earning it, maintaining it, and spending it. And without realizing that, it became a cycle. Making money as your world is even delusional and unhealthy. It will only make you hungry for more money as if money became the reason why you breathe. Money can be an addiction too.


Money doesn’t matter to life. Life is not a lifestyle. Do you want to know what truly matters in life? Heads up that this won’t be easy to understand. You must be conscious enough to realize that it is to create real value. What is real value to life? It is something that all life forms can recognize, that can enhance your life within.

It is for you to find out. We are only here to guide you. After all, it is you who shapes your reality; people are only here to influence you. And if you want our guidance to hone your existence, our free app can help you in a way.

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