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Beyond the Symptoms: Deciphering Limb Issues with Qigong and TCM

Have you ever considered that the discomfort in your limbs might signal deeper health issues? It’s time to delve into the mysteries behind common limb symptoms and uncover the underlying health problems they signify.

Join Coach Delphine for a revealing live webinar where we bridge the ancient wisdom of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern health insights to explore the real causes of limb coldness, numbness, soreness, and pain.

This session isn’t just about temporary relief; it’s about understanding and addressing the root of the problem.

What You Will Learn

The Hidden Signals: Discover what your limb issues are really telling you about your overall health.

A Deeper Connection: Learn how limb symptoms can indicate more serious health conditions needing immediate attention.

Instant Relief and Long-term Health: Be guided through a Qigong routine designed not only for immediate symptom relief but also for addressing the underlying health imbalances.

Why This Webinar Is Essential

Unlock Secrets: Unravel the mysteries behind limb discomfort and the deeper health messages your body is sending.

Practical Solutions: Leave with a Qigong routine you can implement immediately for both relief and preventative health. Coach Delphine will demo how to create a Qigong routine to fit your health goal and time.

Interactive Engagement: Have your pressing questions answered in a live Q&A with experts in Qigong and TCM.

Earn Qi Points: Attend live and receive Qi points as a reward, redeeming for our lessons in the App.

This is more than just a webinar; it’s a pivotal step toward understanding your body’s signals and taking control of your health. Limb issues are not just limb issues—they’re your body’s way of alerting you to deeper imbalances.

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