How To Reach A Good Relaxing State In Steps


First thing to do during Qigong practice, we need to reach a good relaxing state.

Here are the four relaxing steps we can follow. They are proved to be highly effective in relaxing our body and mind.

1st Step: Open Shangen and Yintang Energy Point

This relaxing step is to calm down our busy mind and to open our heart. Shangen (山根) and Yintang (印堂) are the two energy points (穴位) that connecting to the centre of head.

shangen and yintang energy pointYintang (印堂) is between the tips of our eyebrows in the middle. Shangen (山根) is located on the slope of the nose, which is about 1cm below Yintang.

Yintang is also known as “the third eye” in traditional qigong and Chinese medicine. Shangen and Yintang are closely connecting with our heart and lungs.

Shangen is also known as Xinqiao (心窍) in traditional qigong. Xinqiao means “the gate to the heart” in Chinese, therefore is connected to our heart. When Xinqiao is opened, our heart will be opened as well.

In Chinese, 开心 means happiness. Because 开 means “open” in Chinese; 心 means “heart” in Chinese. Now you understand the secret of being happy, that is to open Shangen and Yintang.

How to open Shangen and Yintang

If we could follow those relaxing steps, we would find much easier to reach a true relaxing state. Once we are in a good relaxing state, we can continue to prepare ourselves into Qigong state.

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