Qigong Mindful Practice

Nowadays, mindful practice becomes trendy. Being mindful is about being in the moment and being alert. Qigong mindful practice is to practice our sensitivity and focus. Because in our daily life, there are too many distractions happening at any given moment.

With social media and the internet, being concentrated becomes harder. There are many tips and advice. For example, how to eat mindfully, how to be mindful of your emotion, how to be mindful of your money situation, and so on. If you do not take care of those little things in your daily life, you could hardly focus on qigong practice.

If you are not conscious, you can easily fall into the trap of instant gratification and fail to stick to your daily practice. Therefore, being mindful is the first step in qigong and meditation.

food qi vs nutrition

Do You Know Healing With Food Qi Not Nutrients

Food can bring natural healing. But people think its nutrition fact. The healing in food is not its nutritions, it's the life qi. If you are in the wrong state while eating, you can get very limited benefits, let alone healing.