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Do You Know Healing With Food Qi Not Nutrients

I am sure that you have read many articles about healing with food. Most of them talk about how unique nutrients in that particular food can bring certain health benefits. They are right about the food’s nutritional value. But they didn’t know what plays a more critical role in health: food qi.

There was an old saying in Chinese: 食物是最好的药物, which means food is the best medicine. They didn’t have labs to study each food’s nutrients back then. They didn’t have a clue about what nutrition was.

Food nutritional value vs. qi

Take gingers, for example. Everyone knows to use ginger to deal with the cold. From a nutritional point of view, ginger is rich in turmeric and curcumin. From the lab results, people found that turmeric is effective anti-inflammatory.

From a healing qi perspective, our ancestors discovered that ginger has its unique qi quality. Its central part can boost human Yang qi. Our immune system is more robust when our Yang qi is on the rise. Therefore, it can fight the cold and viruses.

Yin Yang qi balance

However, it’s not always good to have a higher Yang qi. If our Yang qi is too high, our body qi becomes divergent towards the outside. So we will find our body temperature rise and our brain heat, and we can become uneasy.

What is magical about ginger is its skin can somehow suppress Yang qi to the extent that it won’t go too much towards the outside. While it can help you fight the cold and flu, it can also keep your Yin Yang balance. That’s how whole ginger can bring healing to your health.

Sometimes, depending on the different qi quality of a different person and considering the different seasons, we need to add a few other foods together with ginger to balance. The human body is such a sophisticated mechanism that if one minor thing changes, multiple other things will change. Qi and qigong are about holistic health and bringing balance.

healing with whole food qi

Nutrients bring limited healing

Today, you may find many turmeric supplement products on the market. The powder or liquid extraction might bring quick results, as they claim. However, you don’t know that consuming it alone for a while can also bring unbalanced qi, which will cost your overall health.

Taking nutrition supplements is convenient. However, being convenient doesn’t necessarily mean being good.

Even if you take ginger powders, it will be different than taking ginger by itself. Why? The reason is still the healing effects are mostly the qi in food, not its nutrients.

Healing with food qi

The ginger root has its life, and because of that, its unique qi quality. When a factory processes them into powder or liquid, they lose their original shape and their very much life qi quality. Therefore, the healing effect can be vastly different.

As an experienced qigong practitioner, I can sense how my body qi moves when I take particular food. I remember one time I got a milk thistle supplement. After taking the supplement for just one day, I felt my qi was going crazy, bumping into different organs, trying to find a way out.

Then I stopped the supplement right away. The next day, I became balanced again. If you wonder why I took that supplement in the first place. Because I knew it was time to strengthen my liver qi. But I was too lazy to collect dried natural herbs from the Chinese store. And I knew milk thistle was one of those herbs. So my mind thought it wise and convenient to take the supplements. Then I learned my lesson.

supplement only nutrition no healing

Healthy food scheme

Based on that nutrition fact theory, merchants find tons of money-making opportunities by selling you the ideas of nutritious food, natural food, superfood, natural supplements, healthy food, organic food, vegan food, you name it.

Look at us. People care so much about nutrition labels and whether that food is organic, low fat, low sodium, or vegan friendly. Yet many still face multiple health challenges.

Do you know that nutrient is the least important in your healthy diet? Let me ask you this: can you live a healthy life only by taking nutritional supplements and water? You can’t because what your life needs is not just nutrients. Only life can support life. Therefore healing comes with food qi, that is life.

Mindful eating is healing

Besides, how you take food is more important than what you take. Do you have a habit of eating while watching TV, checking your phone, or playing video games? Do you chew thoroughly before swallowing? Do you sit down to eat? Do you eat with your loved ones or primarily for socializing?

If you are often in a mindless state while you eat, you will get few or minimal benefits no matter how much nutritious food you take. In other words, mindful eating can help you get all possible nutrients and food qi, no matter what food you eat. All food is healthy when you eat in a mindful state; thus, healing naturally happens.


In summary, food brings healing effects not that it’s organic or nutritious. It’s because of life in food qi. Eating food is an obvious way to acquire other lives’ qi. Another more efficient way to gather qi to supplement your life is qigong. Read what is qigong and what is qi, as well as qigong for beginners guide before using Onenergy Qigong APP.


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