Qigong Wisdom

We share our unique qigong wisdom about life, qi, time, power, money, true self, and more in this section. Wisdom is beyond tips or advice. Wisdom is something that ordinary people cannot sense.

You might think we are talking nonsense or taboo. But behind them, we actually try to reveal the truth of this universe. If you can get the wisdom we share, you will have more chance of getting the essence of life, thus can access the essence of qi. If you can have access to qi, healing, health, wealth and success, all of them will be so effortlessly.

To accept our qigong wisdom is not an easy thing for lots of people. Because if you have fixed your belief system, you cannot completely open to the truth. We have to tell you that, the truth might not be what you think it is.

money and life value

Money Grows On Trees Truth Or Myth

Do you know that your money has no value? If so, why people chase money. Do you know that money can never create value? So what creates value? And why no one would agree but we say "money grows on trees"? If you also have those questions, read further to find out.
stop listen to inner voice

Should You Listen To Your Inner Voice

Should you follow this popular teaching of "follow your inner voice"? After all, it sounds very inspiring. Yet there are so many unanswered questions in our mind: what are inner voices? Where do they come from? Dig deep to explore inner voice truth or myth...
Lao Tzu Wu Wei

What Did Lao Tzu Really Mean By “Wu Wei”

What do you understand about Lao Tzu’s insight about Wu Wei? Do you think Wu Wei is to do nothing? How to understand Wu Wei on a deeper level? What can you do to achieve that enlightenment?