Live A Whole You qigong retreat

Live A Whole You TM qigong retreat is to explore and experience what’s beyond body and mind; to taste the truth in you; to touch the ultimate level of healing on all dimensions.

Why We Name It Live A Whole You TM

When we talk about human being, we often refer to human body and mind. Have you ever wondered, without the body and the mind, are we still existed? Without our body and mind, what we really are. If you also have those questions, this retreat is for you.

If you only work on body and mind, you might develop some well-being here and there. But if you live only in the body and mind and didn’t aware any other dimension of your existence, sufferings are endless. 

You see, a lot of people choose to meditate and practice for the sake of love and peace. They might find love and peace during meditation or practice. But when they do not meditate or practice, they could suffer in any given situation physically, mentally or emotionally. Because they only live in their body and mind.

Unless you experience what your true nature of existence is, meditation or practice is just another hobby, another solace, and another decoration. They will not do any real impact on your life. In another word, you will never live as a complete human being. Before you “disappear” from this world, don’t you want to know the truth about yourself?

That’s why we name this Onenergy retreat, Live A Whole You TM.

Live A Whole YouTM Qigong Retreat FAQ

Question: Are you going to teach some Qigong form or theory?

Answer: Live A Whole YouTM retreat is not going to be like any other Qigong retreat you have been to. We are not going to teach any Qigong form or theory, because those are for your body and mind.

Question: Are you going to teach us something new?

Answer: It is not about teaching something new. Because in this cosmos nothing is new, and nothing new to teach about. The essential truth of everything is already there in this universe. You just need to “adjust your antenna” to be able to receive and download them to your hardware – your body, and to your software – your mind.

Question: What are we going to do?

Answer: All we are going to do is, firstly to break down your walls – your defending system which you build over your life span, through all kinds of learning and influences knowingly and unknowingly. We would crack you open, so that you could start to experience what’s beyond body and mind. Something you might not know its existence before. But that is not hidden from you, it is always there.

Question: Is this Qigong retreat about true self?

Answer: No. If you still think of “self”, no matter it’s small self, big self, or even true self, you could hardly touch the essence of your true nature of existence. The true existence has no self at all.

Question: What is Live A Whole You retreat about?

Answer: It is about the true nature of our existence, what we really are as a life.  You can call it Dao/Tao, God, Shiva, or true heart, which is on the background of all existences. It is not about religion. But through this you will form a new perspective about any religion in this world.

Check out the video interview below for other frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

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Live a complete you
Live A Complete You, Live A Whole You Qigong Retreat
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