Qigong For Wealth And Success

How does qigong have anything to do with wealth and success? If you ever wonder that, this section is for you. You will be amazed that qi (chi) has been seamlessly playing an important role in your daily life. Many qigong practitioners were taught to use qi to heal and make themselves healthy. But they never know that everything, including humans, is the manifestation of different levels of qi.

In this qigong for wealth and success section, you will find qigong wisdom about money and finance, mindful practice for living a fulfilled life.

When you understand what true wealth is and what life’s purpose is about, achieving your business and financial success is effortless. However, there’s only one gigantic obstacle that keeps you from being rich or successful. You will learn it from our unique qigong money program: The GOOD program.

the GOOD program

relax and be creative

Put Down Your Mind To Be Creative

If you want to be creative, you need to learn how to put your mind down, and relax. Thoughts are from the mind, however creative ideas are not from the mind.
financial rich not true wealth

What Does It Mean To Be Truly Wealthy

People often confuse that being rich is money rich and financial wealthy. What most people don't know that being wealthy is more than just having tons of money and assets. It is our fundemental of being a piece of life. So, what the true wealth would look like?
train brain make money

Don’t Train Your Brain To Make More Money

Our human brains are a wonderful tool. It can help us with a lot of things in dealing with this physical world. But you got to make sure not to abuse your brain. As it could be very dangerous, not only to your health, relationship, and well-being, but something more subtle and deeper will be affected.
money stress

What You Don’t Know About Money Stress

Money stress can be tough and not easy to manage. Money stress also comes from different types of stress whether you are in shortage of money or maintaining the overwhelming amount of it. In this article, we will be discussing why money stresses you.
money mindset program

How You Are Programmed Of Money Mindset

Where do your thoughts came from? Not from the brain but from the reactions of our body to our surroundings. Same thing as for our money thoughts, it was basically molded from from our environment's teachings and doings.