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Put Down Your Mind To Be Creative

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Be Creative Is Not What Brain Does

Thoughts and being creative are two different things. Our brains are capable of creating scattered thoughts that happen randomly. To be creative, you need creative ideas which are not the brain’s job. When you finish this article, you will understand. 

Each day you are thinking about something like what to eat for breakfast, whether to walk the dog or not, what my family is doing right now, what to do first at work. Thoughts are naturally running through our brains without us noticing them most of the time.

Do you realize? The more you think of something, the more stressed you will become. If you keep on thinking about covid cases, the next thing you know you are paranoid about it.

Once you are stressed, the first thing you should do is to put down your mind. What to do? You shall use several stress relief methods and find the best one for you.

Thoughts flow naturally in our brains. It’s the brain’s job. And we don’t have to force ourselves into creating a thought because the more we force it, the more stressed we become, and our brain will naturally clog out thoughts.

Creativity on the other hand is not from the brain, however, needs the brain to process it. Being creative is what makes the world a better, innovative, more fun, and prettier place to live.

Creativity can be expressed in different ways such as music, drawing, writing, design, education, etc. Creatives provide us with a different experience. They express their intelligence through art and use it in different kinds of jobs. They have this gift that everything they do can be beautiful and mostly life-touching.

What It Takes to Be Creative

You may hear creators say, they are experiencing “Creative Burnout” at times, which is valid because they try to use their brains to create something in order to get paid. They may be passionate about creating at the beginning, but once their logic kicks in (our brain’s function), their creativity stops. Because the brain is not capable of being creative.

That’s why a lot of cliche advice was invented, such as “Think Outside the Box” to give inspiration to them. What they don’t know is that to think outside the box is nonsense!

Think about it, what is that box? Where’s that box? What’s it for? I am sure you have seen a box, which has eight corners; top, bottom, and sides, a total of six sides. Anything you put in there is to keep them safe and secured. It’s for storage to keep your old stuff. If you want to be creative, you don’t want to refer to your old stuff, do you?


Creativity doesn’t come from thinking outside the box or even inside the box. Creativity happens only when the brain is at ease. Creativity comes naturally and cannot be squeezed out of a box or something.

A box keeps things secure and on-limits, while not having a box can help you have unlimited ideas and knowledge anywhere. Does it make more sense?

Similarly, when you have a full cup, you cannot pour more water in so you’ll need another cup. But when there’s no cup, you can just pour water everywhere and keep it flowing.

What To Do To Be More Creative

You need to understand that creativity is not coming from your brain. It’s an expression of life. Next time, when you lack ideas, doing the following things will help you to put down your mind. Then your creative ideas will magically flow.

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Master Dai

Master Dai

Master Dai is the founder and chairman of Onenergy Institute. He is a business owner and spiritual leader, former Zhineng Qigong certified teacher. Master Dai started his qigong practice at age 14. He has over 30 years of qigong teaching experience.

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qigong and meditation the new way

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