qi is not free

Life Is Not Free, Qi Is Not Free, Nothing Is Free

Everyone likes free stuff, don’t they?

Whenever there’s a promo that says, “buy one, get one free!” or “buy a bundle and get free stuff,” people are lining up or rushing to get that promo. Especially if it’s the item, they’ve been eyeing. 

But does it make sense? That you have to buy something first to get the free deal. Does that count as free? You know, nothing in this universe is for free. Everything comes with a price or consequences. Which we’ll explain later.

Some people might be skeptical about complimentary items, saying if it’s for free, then probably the quality is not that good. With that, we have concluded when an item is valuable, it will automatically be expensive. Or, we only value items we think are expensive. 

But what about the things money can’t buy? Family. Friendship. True love. Happiness. Health. Above all it, our life

Have you treated your life with no value because you didn’t pay for this life? Heck, you didn’t even ask for this. Have you been taking care of your loving relationship? Have you not been taking care of your health? Because you treat life as if you got it for free, you don’t really appreciate it. When some hardship comes, you don’t even try and simply give up.  

 Is Life Free?

Let me tell you this, your life is not free! It’s the most precious thing you have. You are experiencing everything you’ve experienced because of this life. It is not bought with money. But it is given to you, because, who knows, maybe something you had been through in other life forms over the last few centuries. You’ve paid a hefty price (not necessarily with money), and now you earned it!

The universe is super balanced. Do you think you can get something for free with no consequences? As the old saying in China goes, 善有善报 Shàn yǒu shàn bào, 恶有恶报 È yǒu è bào, 不是不报 Bùshì bù bào, 时辰未到 Shíchén wèi dào. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong; that old saying tried to tell us that everything comes with consequences.

Many times, we thought we did something good, but actually, it could bring terrible consequences. Because to this universe, there’s no right or wrong. There’s only cause and effect. If you haven’t or couldn’t see the effect, it is not yet time to see it, and you will see it when the time comes.

Anything you want, you have to pay the price. If you want a free item, you’ll need to buy something first or spend extra money later. If you want freedom, you’ll need to be responsible for your choice. If you want to cure your disease, you need to be very determined and 100% willing to pay with anything, not money but something more precious such as time.  

5 facts about Qi and Qigong

Is Qi Free?

Some Qigong practitioners say, “practice Qigong because medicines and surgeries cost money; Qi is free.” Qi is not free. Free from money, yes, but not free from the time, dedication, initiation to connect, and effort for activation. Qi is the life energy you were born with, and you can not live without it. It is the one energy that came from the universe. Therefore Qi is hard to connect with, let alone accumulate, even if you have lots of money. 

Qigong is not an alternative medical treatment. It has been in China for tens of thousands of years. It was not invented for healing, but it was and still is a magnificent way to learn the secret of life and healing naturally happens. It is the way to work with the universe’s laws and discover our true nature of ourselves. Chinese culture is engraved with Qigong culture.

Back then, most Qigong treatments were only available to the powerful and wealthy. It takes determination and endurance to pass the many harsh tests before they can be accepted as apprentices. So people resorted to the cheaper and more accessible option, Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs and acupuncture). But, if a TCM doctor doesn’t know or practice Qigong, they are not authentic TCM doctors. 

Remember, no matter how advanced traditional or modern western medicine would develop, none of them will change the truth that Qigong is still an advanced technology to deal with your life and the universe. 

Qigong has become very accessible these days, thanks to the internet. More and more people get to know Qigong and start to practice Qigong. But the question is, how would you find the right Qigong master to follow and learn from?

If a person learns and practices Qigong, it doesn’t qualify them to teach Qigong. Qigong is not just about the movement. It is a very profound technology. Unfortunately, that technology cannot be learned through knowledge teaching. It can only be experienced or passed on when both the giver and receiver reach a meditative state. 



You always have choices in this life. You can go for something convenient, comfortable, more accessible, quicker, cheaper, and settle on temporary effects, or you can go for something that will work in the long run but requires immense intention, desire, and effort to make a fundamental change and transcend your life to be a greater one. 

Which option will you choose? And how much are you willing to pay? Remember, those most valuable things in life you can never buy with money. But nothing is free in the universe. 


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