MCT oil scheme

Is MCT oil a nutritional supplement diet scheme?

In this video, I am going to answer two questions: does MCT oil have nutritional benefits for your health? Why do many people buy into that idea if MCT oil is overpromising?

First, does MCT oil have some nutritional benefits? It should be because they are made from natural coconut oil and palm kernel oil. All plants that exist in nature, not manmade, have their benefits either to humans or other life. 

Can this processed oil keep the natural nutritional benefits? Hmm… Not sure. Manufacturers tell you they use the most advanced technology to extract only the essential part from coconut oil and palm kernel oil. They say their MCT oil is a pure source of medium-chain triglycerides.

Who can prove that purer is more efficient? How are they so sure that their pure concentrated version is better than nature’s version? Do they really believe human technology outsmarts nature?

Nature vs Manmade

Nature creates you and all life; it has a perfect way of balancing your organic system. That’s why nature provides all plants and animals that can supplement you without causing turbulence to your original balance.

But if you take those man-made supplements, do you realize how much extra work you put your system into? It will exhaust your system, not benefit it. If you haven’t seen side effects, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You don’t need to read tons of scientific studies to prove it.

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Just use some common sense and feel your own body. Do you find any animals that live in nature suffer from health problems? What do they eat to keep them healthy? Do you become healthier after taking those nutritional supplements? 

If you are dependent on them, that’s a good sign for the nutritional business, not for you. Think about it. If those supplements can do you good, they shall help you become healthier, so eventually, you won’t need any of them.

But if they break your original balance, you will rely on them to keep a balance. Otherwise, you can’t balance it yourself. Do you believe it’s good for you? 

MCT oil scheme for your irresponsibility

But if MCT oil isn’t working, why do people still buy into that idea? That’s a good question. Why do you think most people would rather take some pills even though they don’t work as promised or, even worse, has some side effects?

Why? Because it is too painful to take control of your own health. What it means is what you eat and do, what decisions you make, and what results you get; you have to be fully responsible. You shouldn’t point your finger at the government, the public health system, anyone or anything else. To be honest, most people don’t want to.

You are the making of your life. How healthy and joyful you live is totally your responsibility. Once you realize that, you will stop looking for external solutions and start to work on yourself from the inside. The ultimate solution is never from the outside. It is right here in you. 

Qigong practice is a way to work yourself from the inside and rebalance your system without relying on any external sources. But it won’t happen overnight. So the next question is, when will you decide to walk the inner path to ultimate health? When you are ready, you can download Onenergy Qigong App to start your self-care journey.


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