Two days Qigong with Guqin workshop just ended with success. It was an unbelievable experience for everyone who participated in this unique workshop.

A lot of practitioners had the experience of using soothing music while practicing. But few of them had ever experienced live music to corporate with Qigong, let alone Guqin playing.

During the workshop, Teacher Tan explained and demonstrated how Chinese people in old days played Guqin, which was dramatically different from the way people play any other musical instruments. He talked about how Guqin played an important role in Qigong practice in old days. He then led the group to feel this unbelievable connection with Hun Yuan Qi, while listening to his live Guqin playing.

Teacher Tan also taught a few things which were completely new to most ZN Qigong practitioners. Soaring Crane Zhuang (Form) was one of them. It is considered to be the most effective form to reach a good relaxing Qigong State. Soaring Crane was grand master Dr. Pang’s first creation, before all the other ZN Qigong forms and methods.

Upcoming Qigong workshop

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