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Qigong History

Chinese qigong history can track back to China’s primitive time that was over five thousand years ago. At that time, there was not any precision equipment for measurement, detection, or exploration. Then how ancient Chinese people got to know qi, the meridian channels, energy points, solar terms, and so on. Because they mastered the most advanced life science: qigong.

Even today, with all the modern science and technology, people still couldn’t detect qi. But Chinese people have been using qi and qigong science to understand the human body and the universe. Qigong has been deeply engraved into Chinese people’s culture and life. No matter how dramatically the world changed, Chinese people will carry forward the science of qigong. We spread qigong knowledge to the world so that people all over the world can benefit from this qigong wisdom. Therefore, we record great qigong grandmasters and sages to remember them for what they had contributed to qigong history.

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Buddhist Qigong Taoist Qigong Or Confucian Qigong
China has more than 3,000 years of qigong history. There are probably over a thousand forms of qigong practices still existing as of today. To help us to better understand them, we can categorize them into three major groups, according to their origins and theories. They are Buddhist qigong, Taoist qigong and Confucian qigong.
Qigong Master Pang Ming Before & After 2000
Master Pang Ming is the father of modern scientid qigong. He was a TCM and western medical doctor. He created and started to publicly teach his scientific Qigong in late 70's. Master Pang has published 20+ books about qigong science, acupuncture, spiritual growth.
What The Heart Philosophy Book Is About
I was very excited to know that Dr. Pang's latest book "Chinese philosophy of the heart and its history" 《中华心学沿革简述》 ("The Heart Philosophy" in short) was about to publish when...
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