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Do you have these questions

This program covers these fundamental questions that Qigong beginners ask.

  • What is Qi/Chi
  • Does Qi/Chi exist
  • What does Qi/Chi feel like
  • How are Qi and Yin Yang related
  • What does Qigong mean
  • Why can Qigong deal with body and mind health
  • What are the benefits of Qigong
  • Is Qigong suitable for you
  • Who can benefit from Qigong
  • Is Qigong easy to learn
  • How do I start learning Qigong
  • How long does it take for Qigong to work
  • How many times a week shall I do Qigong
  • Can I still practice when I am sick or injured
  • What to wear for Qigong
  • When is the best time to practice
  • Shall I practice alone or with a group

The Program Covers:

Fundamental knowledge of Qi/Chi and Qigong

Basic qigong movements for Qigong beginners

Guide you to practice Qigong in a group

How to follow a system to get the most benefits from Qigong

During this 10-day program, you are expected to watch the video lessons and follow our guide to some basic Qigong practice daily.

Feedback From Program Participants

Excellent videos!

I like the lessons. Excellent videos!

The teaching is excellent!

Your teaching is excellent.


The content you share and teach is fantastic.

It’s great! Thank you

It’s great, thank you for sharing!

I’ve enjoyed it

I’ve enjoyed it and follow the program every day.

Very helpful

I have learned new things. I found it very helpful.

Our Qigong Teachers

Learn more about our webinar teachers


Founder of Onenergy Institute

Master Dai has 30+ years of Qigong teaching experience. He started qigong practice at the age of 14 and later became a certified qigong teacher in 1996. In 2017, he founded Onenergy Institute, a not-for-profit organization. His teaching is informational, engaing and insightful.

More about Master Dai


Onenergy Coach

Coach Delphine is the co-founder of Onenergy Institute. She started qigong practice in her early 20s in 1997. She has been a certified qigong instructor since 2017. She shares her experience and practice of anti-aging and being energetic and fit with Qigong.

More about Coach Delphine

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