Master Dai

Onenergy Institute founder, certified qigong teacher. Specialty: body and mental health, spiritual awakening, consciousness practice.

qigong master dai

Master Dai’s journey began with a question that would ultimately lead him to become a renowned Qigong teacher and founder of Onenergy Institute. As a child, he was fascinated with the vastness of the universe and at the age of five, he experienced a spiritual awakening that would set him on a path of seeking enlightenment.

At thirteen, his father’s liver disease was completely healed after practicing Qigong for just a month, igniting Master Dai’s curiosity in the workings of Qi (Chi). He delved into scientific Qigong books and in 1996, he began his official Qigong learning and practice at a Qigong center.

Master Dai attended Qigong teacher training that year and became a certified Qigong teacher. He continued his education by enrolling in a two-year advanced Qigong study program through the Qigong Center’s distance learning program.

Master Dai experienced another enlightenment experience in 2017 when his kidney stones disappeared without the need for medicine or surgery. This event prompted him to close his previous businesses and focus on sharing his knowledge of Qigong to help others.

Based on ancient Eastern wisdom, including Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yoga, and Qigong, Master Dai’s teaching is unique and profound. He founded Onenergy Institute in 2017 and has poured his knowledge and insights into Qigong teaching.

Master Dai’s innovative Qigong system is also embedded in the Onenergy APP, which was launched to the public in 2022 after two years of development.

Aside from his work as a Qigong teacher, Master Dai is a loving husband to Coach Delphine and father to their two children. He is also passionate about baking and delights his family with whatever he cooks, despite their differing appetites.

Master Dai’s teachings have inspired many, helping them to realize their life purpose and to understand that the cure and ultimate solution are within.

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I am nobody… If you are touched by the essence of life just a little bit, every puzzle will be solved. Health is never a problem; only your mind believes so.