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Qigong Healing

Qigong is well known for its phenomenal healing effects. Modern science qigong i.e. Zhineng qigong is especially famous for its unbelievable healing miracles. People who were diagnosed with critical illnesses lost their faith in western medical treatment but found hope in qigong treatment.

However, qigong is not for all diseases and illnesses. Qigong can work on curing self-made or self-help illnesses. Besides those infectious diseases and surgical diseases, almost all other diseases and illnesses are self-made or self-help, which means that the root of the disease is within. If one creates their own diseases, one can cure themselves from within. Qigong and meditation practice gives people methods to heal themselves. That is how qigong healing works.

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Food can bring natural healing. But people think its nutrition fact. The healing in food is not its nutritions, it's the life qi. If you are in the wrong state while eating, you can get very limited benefits, let alone healing.
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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Painkillers
The painkillers can eliminate the pain symptoms temporarily. but it can never solve the pain. If you rely on painkillers to deal with pains, you can actually do more damage to your system. You need to understand what causes pains first.
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