Unlock Your Potential: Exclusive HEAL Event for Personal Growth & Healing

Welcome to the transformative HEAL Event! Be part of a life-altering journey where you ‘Harness, Energize, Align, and Liberate’ (HEAL). Escape the ordinary and embark on a radiant life journey pulsating with vitality.

The HEAL is a Qigong master-guided exclusive event. You will find our H.E.A.L. event transcends the traditional. It’s a revolution in personal growth and healing. Dive deep into the heart of universal energy and transcend your limitations.

Harness Your Inner Energy

Harnessing energy goes beyond gathering strength. It’s about tapping into your core, and drawing upon that boundless power within. At the H.E.A.L. event, master the art of channelling your latent energy into a transformative force, reshaping your existence.

Revitalize and Energize

Revitalization breathes life into our existence. Our guides help illuminate the energy pathways of your body, mind, and spirit, helping you drink in the pure essence of life energy – Onenergy (混元气). Experience rekindled vitality and the invincible energy glow.

Align with the Universe

The dance of universal alignment is a balance between the self and the cosmos. We help you discover your unique rhythm and sync it with the symphony of existence. Experience the sublime harmony of aligning personal energy (qi/chi) with universal rhythms.

Liberate Your Energy

Freedom is every energy field’s birthright. We’ll guide you to shatter self-imposed constraints and energy blocks, releasing a liberating wave of energy, and clearing the path for unobstructed growth and healing.

Join HEAL Open House

We will extend an exclusive invitation for a limited time to experience the magic of HEAL occasionally. The HEAL Open House provides a rare chance for non-members to glimpse our transformative healing intensive event.

Step into a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all journeying toward a richer, more fulfilling existence.

If you like to attend more live sessions, check out our Live Moon event. And subscribe to our newsletter for future Onenergy live events.

Journey to Unforgettable Healing

Master Dai will guide you through unique healing sequences, exploring the vibrant landscape of energy during HEAL. Experience self-discovery and healing like never before. This unforgettable voyage opens up understanding and growth, illuminating your world with unseen colors.

Ready to trade the mundane for the extraordinary? Eager to unleash your boundless potential?

Don’t miss this life-transforming opportunity. Join us at the HEAL and start your journey towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant existence today.


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