yiyuanti is the final stage of spiritual awakening

YIYUANTI: Final Stage Of Spiritual Awakening Revealed

What is the final stage of spiritual awakening in qigong

People who had reached a high level of enlightenment through qigong use Yiyuanti to describe what a final stage of spiritual awakening is. 

I write this article partially based on my personal spiritual awakening qigong experience. However, I consider myself still in the process of deepening my spiritual growth. Therefore, part of this article is based on those true experiences of that past and living enlightened beings.

Dr. Pang Ming is a living enlightened qigong grandmaster. He had described the last stage of his spiritual awakening in every detail in his Zhineng qigong scientific qigong books. He used the word Yiyuanti 意元体 to describe the last stage of spiritual awakening.

What is Yiyuanti

In his book, he wrote and what I understand from my still limited personal experience:

Yiyuanti is a critical mass in the qi field of the cells that merges and transforms to create a very refined entirety in the center of the brain. Yiyuanti contains complete information about the universe, including human life.

Yiyuanti is the closest in nature to the primitive Hun Yuan Qi (原始混元气) because of its unique purity and ability to send and receive information. It is the source of consciousness, and in a high-level qigong meditative state can it be perceived by consciousness.

P.S. Hun Yuan Qi is one kind of qi. You can read this about what qi is and what qigong is.

yiyuanti qigong spiritual awakening

When you realize the existence of Yiyuanti is when you become one with it. When you merge with Yiyuanti, there is no more you exist. Only when you become Yiyuanti, do you have access to the source of creation, thus the truth of the universe is in your hands.

Spiritual awakening through qigong

What we call spiritual awakening is the progressive realization of what we truly are. As Pang Ming and many other enlightened beings revealed, the truth is within all the time.

Can qigong practice help with spiritual awakening or enlightenment? Yes, and here is how qigong describes its final stage.

The truth is not within this physical body, or our mind, feelings, or emotions. Yiyuanti, the pure consciousness is the one that drives this body, mind, and emotions. When this body or mind dies, Yiyuanti still exists and it will return to the universe’s consciousness. So the process of spiritual awakening is about finding the truth about self.  

Is Yiyuanti our true self

This is a good question. When I read Dr. Pang’s words about Yiyuanti, I couldn’t trace any actual sentence which relates Yiyuanti to the true self. True self in Chinese, is translated and written as 真我.

The true self is more of a Buddhist term than a Qigong term. In Buddhism, they talk about many layers of self. The true self is not on the surface layer, nor is it on the bottom layer. One important goal of Buddhist practice is to recognize all layers of self and dissolve them one by one.

That’s why from Buddhism and/or yoga’s perspective, there are many stages of spiritual awakening. One each stage, you dissolve one layer of self.

However, similar to Buddhist and yoga spiritual practices, the realization of the pure consciousness or Yiyuanti in qigong terminology is the destination of spiritual awakening.

The difference is that qigong is working on qi on three different levels. When the Shen level of qi becomes abundant, you have a higher chance of realizing Yiyuanti.

how to reach yiyuanti

How to realize Yiyuanti through qigong practice

If Yiyuanti were a thing or an idea, sure you could grasp it and so you could practice it. Unfortunately, it isn’t. What your mind can perceive from what’s being described on paper is completely different from what Yiyuanti really is. Because no language can explain what is beyond language

Most people never experienced qi before, let alone pure consciousness Yiyuanti. Just like what most enlightened beings explained: There’s no way to reach pure consciousness unless our minds cease to exist.

Scissors cannot cut themselves, our mind has no way to know itself. That’s why when you think you get it, you don’t get it. 

So, what can you do? You can’t DO anything about it. You can only experience it once you have access to it. Right now, you couldn’t experience it because your mind is “protected” by layers of knowledge and past experience. Your mind keeps building those layers because its only job is to keep you safe and survive. However, this “you” idea is what spiritual practice aims to destroy. 

However, no matter what qigong practice you do, Buddhist Taoist or Confucian qigong, you will likely come to the last stage of spiritual awakening when you work on all levels of qi.


In Pang’s latest books published in the past few years (2013-2019), he rarely used the qigong term Yiyuanti. Instead, in his most recent book- the heart philosophy, he used the word, true heart. 

In that book, he quoted many enlightened human beings’ true spiritual awakening experiences. Those true stories told that qigong meditation can safely lead people through the spiritual awakening process. While in real life, some people can suddenly reach the final stage of spiritual awakening by some accident. But it could endanger their lives. 


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