Coach Delphine

Onenergy Institute co-founder, Onenergy Qigong coach. Specialty: money and wealth, anti-aging, and relationships.

Delphine’s early adulthood was fraught with the common struggles faced by many in their early twenties – finding employment and achieving financial independence. However, her life took a transformative turn upon encountering Master Dai, a unique and enlightened individual who possessed deep insights into the universe, qi, and miraculous experiences.

Under Master Dai’s guidance, Delphine became a dedicated qigong student and was forever inspired by his profound teachings. Their shared passion for spreading knowledge about health and wellbeing led them to co-found the Onenergy Institute and pursue their collective mission of disseminating life and health truths to the masses.

In 2017, Delphine became a certified qigong teacher and has since developed a highly innovative program that blends money wisdom with qi wisdom, based on her extensive background in finance and business. This program aims to help people overcome financial pressures that often cause mental and physical health issues, thereby promoting overall wellness.

In addition to her work in the financial realm, Delphine is also an expert in qigong-based wellness practices such as reversing aging, improving fitness, and enhancing relationships. Those seeking to benefit from her extensive knowledge can access her teachings via the Onenergy Qigong App.

Coach Delphine married Master Dai and then moved to Canada in 2002. Together they have two children who have grown into wonderful young adults.

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Thriving to do whatever I can, whether possible or impossible, is my way of consciousness practice.