money mindset program

How You Are Programmed Of Money Mindset

Where do your thoughts came from? Not from the brain but from the reactions of our body to our surroundings. Same thing as for our money thoughts, it was basically molded from from our environment’s teachings and doings.

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Squid Game in real life

Squid Game In Real Life vs Life Game

If you have watched Netflix show Squid Game, besides those violence, fear and weakness in human, what did you see? Do you know that Squid Game is everywhere in your daily life which you were put to play just like what’s told in the show…

Life and death happens

Death Is Much Closer Than You Think

What do you think about death? Do you believe that one will die only when they are sick or weak? What death has anyting to do with health? What will be the best death? If you have those questions, keep reading.

Halloween horror and fear

Halloween: For The Dead Without Horror Or Fear

What do you associate Halloween with? Candies, costumes, haunted house, or horror movies. In this article we are going to talk about what you don’t know about Halloween and emotion of fear.

minimalism not simple life

Minimalism Would Not Lead You To A Simple Life

Do you choose to be a minimalist because you want to live a simple life? Do you think that getting rid of things will make your life simple and happy? If you are unconscious, minimalism will limit your life instead of liberate it.

own your life

Do You Own Your Life Or Just Rent It

Do you own your life? What do you own: Your car, house, job, money, relationships, and your body? What if I tell you you can’t own any of them…

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