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Qigong For Spiritual Awakening

This section is about qigong for spiritual awakening. Most people come to learn qigong because they want to deal with their health issues. Never had they realized that qigong is way more than healing. Healing is just a by-product of qigong practice and meditation.

The most fundamental thing about qigong is that it is a proven way of connecting with the source of creation. It doesn’t matter whether you have a religious belief or not, qi (chi) is working on you and connect you with the life source all the time.

Qigong is not a religion, nor is it in conflict with any of your beliefs. However, if you understand how anyone can use qigong to connect with qi, you will experience a spiritual awakening. And then every aspect of your life will be changed. Therefore, we shall many qigong wisdom to share insights and realization of the essence of qigong meditation.

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