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If you are new to qigong, you must have many questions in your head. As this is the ultimate guide for qigong beginners, we won’t cover all of them in this one guide. Let this be your first guide to answer those frequently asked questions. You should read this guide before checking qigong basics, qigong advance or qigong history.

Because qigong originated in China thousands of years ago, in order to learn it better, it is best to learn some basic Chinese words first. Therefore, we will refer to some popular Qigong terms in Chinese characters and pinyin.

How to pronounce "qigong"

This is a common question for all non-Chinese qigong beginners. Qigong is actually two words in Chinese, which are qi (氣 or 气 or 炁 in Chinese), and gong (功 in Chinese). That’s why sometimes we write Qi Gong. Qigong and Qi Gong are exactly the same things.

Qigong is the pinyin (pronunciation in Mandarin) version of 气功. Chi Kung is the Cantonese Chinese pronounciation. The video demos both. 

What is qigong

Qigong literally means the way to practice qi. Before you learn the way to practice qi, you need to understand what qi (chi) and qigong is and why you need to practice qi.

What is qi? It’s a big question. The qi we refer to is Hun Yuan Qi (Onenergy). It is the primitive qi so it has the most power i.e. Hun Yuan Ling Tong mantra.

No matter how different people explain qi, everyone agrees that qi is something that cannot be measured or detected by man-made machines. Only people who have experienced qi know its existence.

However, even if you haven’t truly experienced qi, qi is always there working on its way. Through qigong, you can possibly work qi to your benefit. How efficient though depending on how much you can connect and experience qi.

Is qigong a religion

Qigong is not a religion, nor is it a belief. It is the way to practice qi. It is more of a science rather than a religion. Science studies cause and effect. You will get certain results if you apply certain scientific rules and formulas. Same as qigong.

No matter what religion you have or you are an atheist, qigong works the same way. However, qigong can help with spiritual growth and awakening. It might help you better understand your god and religion when you connect with qi.

qigong beginners guide -qigong is not religion

Where did qigong originate

Qigong originated in ancient times in China around five thousand years ago, according to the records of ancient books such as “Lv’s Spring and Autumn Period” 《吕氏春秋》.

Through qigong, the ancients understood the unity of humans and nature, the relativeness of motion and motionless, the depletion and growth of yin and yang, the for and against between the five elements. Ancient Chinese wisdom of Tao 道, Yin Yang 阴阳, Five Elements 五行, Ba Gua 八卦, and Chinese medical system 中医 are all different applications of qigong.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for example, has complete knowledge of different natural plants that have different natural healing effects. Traditional Chinese acupuncture knows how different energy points (acupoint) stimulation can trigger different qi movements in the human body.

You wonder how ancient Chinese people were able to gather that knowledge without any modern technology. Because all that knowledge is the universal truth. It is always there. Those who practice and experience qi can download the universe knowledge directly.

What does qigong do

Qigong is a way to understand the universe including galaxies, planets, nature, and humans. Therefore, it can do whatever you can imagine and beyond.

However, 99.9% of people get to know qigong for its healing effects. Therefore, it’s common for beginners to ask what it can do for them. 

For human bodies and mind, qigong can help to get better health. Unfortunately, people think when they have issues, they shall start qigong. However, it’s best to start now to prevent any new issues happen to you.

Of course, qigong can help cure self-made or self-helped illnesses, whether physical body health issues or mental health issues. It can also help with your wealth and relationships, which were rarely discussed.

Who is qigong for

Because qigong can do whatever you can imagine and beyond, it is for anyone and everyone.

Qigong is profound life science. When you decide to follow the universe’s way to live a better life, and you realize that your way does not work well, qigong is for you.

But before that, you probably still hang with some instant relief or a get-healthy-quick scheme. When you have depleted your ways and feel that you have struggled enough, you will think about qi and qigong.

Is qigong safe

Qigong is quite safe to practice. For beginners, you will start with some basic exercises, which are mostly slow body movements. 

When you are familiar with the body movements, you then can add some mind movements. In intermediate-level practice, we use visualization and imagination to help. 

In advance practice, we might or might not use any body or mind movements. Only in that level of practice, you will be able to experience qi.   

how to practice qigong for qigong beginners

Is qigong difficult to do

Learning the body and mind movements are not difficult. Qigong body movements don’t involve too much twisting or stretching. However, as a qigong beginner, since you rarely move some body parts, you may find it a bit challenging and tiring at the beginning when practicing certain body parts. 

Just like learning anything new, you need to practice regularly to train your body and mind. If you don’t do it enough, you can hardly change the old pattern of how your body and mind work; therefore, you will see limited results. If you follow the teaching and do it consistently, the change will happen fairly quickly. So the key is to be consistent.

What is the difference between qigong and fitness

Fitness workouts focus on body movements. During a workout, you sweat, your heartbeats increase, and your breathing fastens. The goals for fitness are to burn fat, build muscles, and increase endurance.

Qigong focuses on building a harmonious state between body, mind, and qi. It can balance your yin and yang, and enhance your immune system, digestive system, breathing, and all other life functions.

Qigong can achieve weight loss and body shape goals in a sustainable and non-reversible way. You will learn more inside Onenergy APP.

Can I practice both qigong and yoga

If you have this question, we assume that you are not new to yoga. This question might be a little advanced for a qigong beginners guide. If you are new to both, don’t be bothered by those terms in the answers below. You will learn them later.

The short answer is, you can practice both. Similar to qigong, yoga is just another tool to enhance your body, mind, and spirit. Both have dynamic forms (body and mind movements) and static forms (meditation). Both aware and practice feminine and masculine qualities, known as yin and yang in qi gong terminology.

However, their focus is somewhat different. Qigong is based on the qi movement. Therefore it talks about meridian channels, energy points, qi field, etc. Yoga talks about Chakras, kundalini, prana, etc.

If you practice both, it won’t do harm to you. Sometimes (depending on what yoga forms) they can even complement each other. However, we suggest you focus on one when you are at a learning stage. 

qigong for beginners: qigong vs yoga

Whom to learn from

This is a great question for a beginner’s guide. If you pick the right qigong teacher, your learning experience and progress will be totally different.

As you know, a complete schooling system includes elementary schools, middle/high schools, and post-secondary schools. The curriculums are quite different for different levels. However, all teachers, whether they teach in elementary schools or universities, all have bachelor or higher degrees in education.

Similarly, in qigong learning, whether you just started or at the advanced level, you want to follow those who have achieved that profoundness in both qigong knowledge and qi experience. 

How do you tell whether the qigong teacher has reached that level? Don’t just listen to what they teach. Because anyone who has learned can throw a lot of qigong terms to impress you. Instead, listen to their stories: why they started qigong, what master they followed, what they had experienced qi, and how they changed their life.

Another thing you shall check is their personal life. Do they have a successful career, a great financial situation, and a happy and healthy relationship (marriage and children)? If any of those are missing, you know that they are not at the optimum state of their life. How can you be better if your teacher is not at their best?

After all, qigong has a lot to do with Chinese history and culture. A teacher who knows the Chinese language will have a solid foundation in qigong teaching. 

An enlightened qigong master is not easy to find. If you encounter one, you will find supreme clarity and profoundness in their teaching. 

Qigong retreat

How to start qigong

How to start should not be your concern. A great qigong master can build a lifelong system that can guide anyone from the beginning and progressively advance to an intermediate and advanced level.

Onenergy qigong is a system that enables you to learn step by step; follow our guide to practice every day. You can also see your progress along the way. The built-in program in the best qigong APP offers the best guidance for qigong beginners.

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