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Qigong Exercises

Qigong and meditation are to exercise your body, mind, and qi. Usually, the word exercise refers to only the body movements. However, in qigong practice, we have qigong exercises with body movements which are called dynamic qigong forms. We also have qigong exercises with no body movements which are called static qigong forms, or qigong meditation.

However, we include those dynamic qigong forms in this section. The static qigong forms are included in qigong meditation section. You will find tips and advice and even simple forms about some popular qigong practices in this section. Before you read any articles about how to do qigong exercises, you want to check out our qigong for beginners ultimate guide first.

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Sex is quite a debatable topic among qigong practitioners. Some people believe that sex need to be strictly limited in order to have better health, while some other people believe that practice during sex could boost body’s overall health…

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