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Hun Yuan Ling Tong

What is Hun Yuan Ling Tong

Hun Yuan Ling Tong TM is a very powerful Qigong mantra, which will vibration in all three Dan Tian areas in the human body. It can activate Qi life energy throughout physical and non-physical dimensions. Uttering the mantra has numerous benefits.

It can vibrate Qi energy in all dimensions- physical and nonphysical. It can stabilize your mental and psychological condition. If you utter this Qigong mantra long enough in each session, it can create an invisible protective shield around you.

We have recorded the HYLT mantra into a song. At the end of the song, there is an eight phrases poem, which describes the Qigong state (meditative state) one can achieve after singing this mantra song. The song was first performed in Live A Whole You qigong retreat.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong song

The HYLT mantra was first introduced by Dr. Pang Ming, founder of Zhineng Qigong, in 1980s. Zhineng qigong practitioners use it as a greeting to each other. It represents the special qigong blessing and best wishes. You probably have seen HYLT at the end of every newsletter we sent.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong meaning

Hun Yuan is 混元 in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. It refers to Hun Yuan Qi (混元气), also called Onenergy, which is the source of creation.

Ling Tong is 灵通 in simplified Chinese or 靈通 in traditional Chinese. It refers to the state where Onenergy is responding.

The whole phrase Hun Yuan Ling Tong means that Onenergy, the source of creation is responding in a most powerful state. When one utters that mantra when they reach a Qigong state (also understood as the meditative state), one will be empowered by Onenergy and Onenergy can do magical things to them.

Watch this video below to understand how you should understand the profound HYLT mantra.

HYLT qigong program

The HYLT program is a qigong meditation that combines the mantra and tantra of HYLT. This qigong meditation is for an intermediate level of practice. 

If you are new to qigong, we suggest you check out the ultimate guide of qigong for beginners first.  Then you can follow the steps in our Qigong APP to start qigong learning and practice. 

Hun Yuan Ling Tong ~ Onenergy blessings to you.

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