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How Does Qi Exist? Is Qi Physical Or Non-Physical?

Does qi really exist? When you ask this question, you look for proof that you can see, touch, feel, or make sense to your mind.

But the thing is, in this vast universe, what you can perceive is so limited. If you can’t perceive it, it doesn’t mean it does not exist. 

For example, our human eyes can only perceive a small portion of the color spectrum; and most people’s maximum ability to detect flicker ranges between 50 and 90 Hz. So anything that out of that color spectrum or flicker ranges, you simply can’t see, and you think seeing is believing. You simply fool yourself.

Same for human ears, tongue, and other sensory organs. Many animals have way better vision, hearing, and other censoring abilities than humans. Think about dogs, owls, eagles, dolphins, snakes, and so many other animals. 

What about the human mind, you ask? You see, what you can think of is mostly limited by your five senses. Seeing is believing, isn’t it? 

How do I know qi exists?

But how to know qi exists? Good question. Your mind can’t know, but you know. I know it’s quite confusing. Let me explain.

There are two types of existence in this vast universe: physical and nonphysical. Everything that your sensory organs can detect is physical. That’s very easy to understand. There are many other things that you can’t sense. For example, electricity, radio wave, magnetic field, light, wi-fi, etc. You may call them energy, and they are still physicals. 

Some other things are not physical. They exist very much, but your mind and sensory organs can’t detect them.

How to tell whether something is physical or non-physical? Just remember this: anything in physical existence must be limited by two things: time and location. Think about light. Physical objects can block light. That’s how you enjoy tree shadows under the sun. Time works only on physical things. Because when things move their geographic locations from point A to point B, time passes. 

Non-physicals cannot be limited by time or location.

Qi exists physically and non-physically

Qi is mainly a non-physical existence. Some people can feel the qi between their palms when they do La-qi. Those people are sensitive to their body qi. Body qi is mostly in physical existence. However, your Shen can detect and connect with non-physical qi. What is Shen, and why can Shen detect qi? You shall read this article about Jing Qi Shen

Because non-physical doesn’t take up any space, they don’t have locations per se. However, they exist anywhere and at any time. That’s why distance qi healing is real. Location doesn’t matter to non-physicals, and neither does time.

No scientific equipment can detect non-physicals. You need to understand this, any equipment is the extension of the human five sensory organs. They simply magnify what humans are capable of.

Non-physicals manifest physicals; therefore, non-physicals can work on physical things, but not the other way. How can a physical thing detect a non-physical? It’s impossible. Qi exists, but no equipment can detect it.



But human is not merely physical existence. You are a combination of physical and non-physical existence. Your body and mind are physical. Your Shen and qi are non-physical. That’s why you, not your mind, can detect and connect with qi. How? That’s why you do qigong.

You shall read what is qigong and qi to understand them from another perspective. If you want to start qigong, you shall build a good foundation and understand the qi fundamentals. Check the seven unique features of Onenergy qigong App.


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