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How Qigong Cured Her Diabetes And Changed Her Life

This is a true story of how Qigong cured diabetes without any medicines.

Lady Ying was born in 1936 and lives in Hong Kong. She was 82 years old in that photo, yet she looked very happy and healthy. Even young people couldn’t do the splits like her.

Before Qigong, Years Of Diabetes

But she was totally another person 18 years ago. She was severely overweight and had high blood pressure and diabetes for years. She also had severe arthritis, and she could barely move her body. It would kill her if she walked for just a few minutes. At the age of 64, life only meant suffering to her.

Attended A Qigong Retreat

In 2000, one of her friends introduced her to Qigong. She decided to try it and attended her first Qigong healing retreat in Shenzhen. Like herself, most participants who came to the retreat had at least one health issue. They took medicines, and went through surgeries and therapies. None of those treatments seemed to work long-term.

How Qigong Cured Diabetes

Ying came to the class and found it had a wonderful and happy atmosphere. The teachers were so knowledgeable, skillful, and friendly. She listened to the teacher’s lectures about the life science of qigong.

She learned that everyone has healing power within. Qigong can help to awaken that ability. She also realized that she shouldn’t rely on medicines, because medicines couldn’t treat the root of her problem.

During the retreat, she followed the teacher’s instructions to practice. She found that her pain was eased off quite a bit. The smile was back on her face. She didn’t fully understand how that happened. However, for the first time, she felt she had found the real cure for her diabetes. So she decided to continue practicing after the retreat.

Within a year after she attended that Qigong retreat, her health condition dramatically improved. She lost weight; her blood pressure and blood sugar were back to normal; her joint problem was gone.

(February 2018: Ying demonstrated “Bend over and arch back”)

A Happy and Healthy Life

Ying has enjoyed her happy and healthy life for many years. She can enjoy her favourite dessert anytime without hesitation. And she still can do 200 wall squats every day.

“My life would be miserable if I didn’t start Qigong.” she always told other people.

Lady Yin was just one of the thousands who had recovered from physical and mental ailments after practicing Qigong.

Thousands of real cases like Yin’s have proved that Qigong practice can cure diabetes, hypertension, tumours, and many other chronic illnesses.

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