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Don’t Mistake Symptoms As Causes

find root cause

We may suffer from symptoms of bodily issues, sickness, and illness, which causes pain and uncomfortable feelings, depression, and stress.

What do we do about it? Take drugs and medicines to ease the pain, or go to surgeries to get rid of some body parts that cause trouble. After that, we may feel healthier and look better, but the problem still comes back time after time.

Why? because we mistake symptoms as the causes. The issue will come back if we don’t treat the root causes.

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Master Dai

Master Dai

Master Dai is the founder of Onenergy Institute. He started qigong practice at age 14. Later he graduated from a 2-year teacher program and became a certified qigong teacher in 1996. His teaching is unique and profound. His enlightened qigong experience inspired and helped many people.
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