Dig Deep To Find The Root of Disease

root of disease illness

We may suffer from symptoms of bodily issues, sickness and illness, which causes pain and uncomfortable feelings, depression and stress. What we do about it, is always trying to find solutions to deal with those symptoms. Taking drugs and medicines to ease the pain and eliminate the symptoms, or go to surgeries to get rid of some body part that making trouble. After that we may feel healthier and look better, but the problem still comes back time after time.

Why? because we never dig deep to treat the “ROOT”. The root caused problem was buried very deeply under the ground, we cannot see it from the surface. So only treating the symptoms won’t solve the problem for good. Our human has three levels of existence. The symptoms what we can see and feel is only from physical level. Physical takes only 5% of our human existence, which is just a tip of an iceberg.

But what makes that 5%, was the other 95%, which we normally ignore. People absorb bad energy or are affected by bad messages when they were young and wide open. Gradually, it fixed into physical form and later turned into sickness. I will talk about that in another video. Now I just want to share some thought about it and hopefully it will deliver the message and make you think.

If you are diagnosed of some illness or are suffering from pain or discomfort, you need to dig deep and find the “ROOT” of diseases besides taking of the symptoms. Because if not, that problem will keep coming back sooner than you think.

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