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Master Dai, birth name is Jing Dai. In his early childhood, he had one question in his mind: how big is the universe. At the age of 5, he had some spiritual awakening experience. At the age of 13, he became curious about qigong because his father’s Hepatitis A disease was completely healed after practicing qigong for just a month.

He started to seek why and how qi (chi) works, diving into scientific qigong books. In the summertime in 1996, he traveled to the qigong center and started his official qigong learning and practice. He attended qigong teacher training and became a certified Qigong teacher that year. Within the next two years, he also enrolled in 2-year advanced qigong study through the qigong center’s distant learning program.

Since then, his life dream and purpose are to help as many people as possible to realize the truth of life, to liberate them from the endless body and mental suffering through consciousness and spiritual practice. He combined Eastern ancient wisdom (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yoga, and Qigong), with Western psychology to form a unique perspective and method of qigong spiritual teaching.

In 2017, he found Onenergy Institute. He pours his knowledge of qigong and insights, uses his computer science skills to design and create an innovative qigong learning and practice platform: Onenergy APP. After one year of APP development, Onenergy APP will finally release to the public.

He married Delphine Zhu and moved to Canada in 2002. Together they have two lovely teenage kids. One of Master Dai’s passions is baking. Two kids have totally different appetites but both love whatever dad made for them.

Posts of Master Dai

Money Grows On Trees Truth Or Myth
Do you know that your money has no value? If so, why people chase money. Do you know that money can never create value? So what creates value? And why no one would agree but we say "money grows on trees"? If you also have those questions, read further to find out.
Know Yourself First Then Be Yourself
When you tell yourself to be yourself, are you aware of what are you referring to as yourself? Your identity, personality, preference, or else. If you want to be yourself, knowing yourself is the first step.
Should You Listen To Your Inner Voice
Should you follow this popular teaching of "follow your inner voice"? After all, it sounds very inspiring. Yet there are so many unanswered questions in our mind: what are inner voices? Where do they come from? Dig deep to explore inner voice truth or myth...
Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Painkillers
The painkillers can eliminate the pain symptoms temporarily. but it can never solve the pain. If you rely on painkillers to deal with pains, you can actually do more damage to your system. You need to understand what causes pains first.
Mind Fasting Is What You Miss
You care so much about your body health by taking all possible healthy food and diet. But what about your mind health? Have you looked out what you've been taking into your mind every moment? If you can't stop thinking which causes stress and anxiety, what you should do.
What Did Lao Tzu Really Mean By “Wu Wei”
What do you understand about Lao Tzu’s insight about Wu Wei? Do you think Wu Wei is to do nothing? How to understand Wu Wei on a deeper level? What can you do to achieve that enlightenment?
Put Down Your Mind To Be Creative
If you want to be creative, you need to learn how to put your mind down, and relax. Thoughts are from the mind, however creative ideas are not from the mind.
Squid Game In Real Life vs Life Game
If you have watched Netflix show Squid Game, besides those violence, fear and weakness in human, what did you see? Do you know that Squid Game is everywhere in your daily life which you were put to play just like what's told in the show...
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