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In Master Dai’s early childhood, he had one question: how big is the universe? At the age of 5, he had a spiritual awakening experience. At the age of 13, he became curious about qigong because his father’s Hepatitis A disease was completely healed after practicing qigong for just a month.

He started to seek why and how qi (chi) works, diving into scientific qigong books. In the summertime of 1996, he travelled to the qigong center and started his official qigong learning and practice. He attended qigong teacher training and became a certified Qigong teacher that year. In the next two years, he also enrolled in 2-year advanced qigong study through the qigong center’s distance learning program.

In 2017, Master Dai experienced another enlightenment experience. His kidney stones disappeared after that experience. He completely healed himself without any medicine or surgery.

Since then, his life has dramatically changed. He closed his previous businesses because he realized that his qigong enlightenment experience could help even more people. Most people are suffered from the physical body and mental conditions. They seek and try all kinds of external solutions without knowing the cure is within themselves. His qigong teaching is unique and profound. His teaching inspired many and helped them to realize their life purpose.

Master Dai’s teaching is based on ancient Eastern wisdom (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yoga, and Qigong). He had studied psychological therapy and found limitations of Western psychology. In 2017, he founded Onenergy Institute. He pours his knowledge and insights into qigong teaching and embeds his innovative qigong system in Onenergy APP. After 18 months of APP development, the Onenergy APP is released to the public in 2022.

He married Delphine Zhu and moved to Canada in 2002. Together they have two lovely kids. One of Master Dai’s passions is baking. Two kids have different appetites but both love whatever dad made for them.

Posts of Master Dai

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