Dr Pang's new book

What I Learned From Dr Pang’s New Book

You have to know what I have learned from this latest book, The Heart Philosophy (The Heart Study) by Dr. Pang Ming. It changed my perspective about qi and qigong. Dr. Pang told me in person when I met him in October 2018. He told me the new book would be ready at the end of 2018. In January 2019, I got it. But it was quite a difficult one to read. You will know why in this video.

I have received many requests to translate that book since I shared this video. Four years have passed, and today I have great news. I am working on the interpretation of this Dr. Pang’s latest masterpiece. We even hosted a live event, Unveiling the Spirit of Qigong, to introduce my forthcoming book – Decoding The Science of Enlightenment, and my new podcasting – The Enlightenment Podcast.


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