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Work Harder & Change Your Life Myth!

Whatever you do for a living, you will always people say: work harder, do more and do better than others, so that you can live a better life. You probably tell yourself and your children the same thing over and over again.

Me too. I was told the same working-harder philosophy when I was little. My school teachers, my parents, all of them said the same thing. I remember there was a popular quote “The change of quantity will eventually change the quality” and I never doubted it, until recently.

I saw many people working very hard. They work from 9 to 5 every weekday and do a lot of overtime. Some of them do more than one job. I am my own boss, so my working hours are even longer. And there are no weekends or paid holidays for me. 

We work harder and maybe earn more money. But our life doesn’t change dramatically. So I wonder, could that be a myth? Why on earth some people are more successful or happier without working their butts off like us?

Comment below and let me know what you think about the “working harder to change your life” myth.

Master Dai

Master Dai

Master Dai is the founder and chairman of Onenergy Institute. He is a business owner and spiritual leader, former Zhineng Qigong certified teacher. Master Dai started his qigong practice at age 14. He has over 30 years of qigong teaching experience.

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qigong and meditation the new way

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