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Do You Own Your Life Or Just Rent It

In life, our world revolves around gaining. We study to gain knowledge, we work to gain money, we eat to gain nutrients, we sleep to gain rest, and we show off to gain validation. Our lifestyle becomes more and more self-sufficient, whether it might be a physiological need, emotional need, or simply just to satisfy our wants.

We sacrifice to gain comfort and satisfaction. But what we don’t know is that all we’ve been pursuing in this life is only temporary.

What are those things that don’t last? Everything. As long as we can sense it with our five senses, it won’t last. Our money, career, all relationships including loving relationships, and even our bodies. They are all temporary and fleeting.

Isn’t it weird that we try so hard to get the things that won’t last forever? That we strive to feel that temporary comfort? Why do we do that anyway?

Because as human beings, we always want to experience. We always want to explore. We always want to be comfortable and satisfied. And that’s reasonable because sometimes life can feel like surviving if you only live in your body and mind.

How to own your life

Thanks to the Earth for being so generous, it lets us borrow everything we use to live. The air we breathe, the sun and moon that light up our world, the water we drink, the food we eat, and so much more. Even our bodies that we use daily. But of course, everything that we borrow needs to be returned someday. That’s the natural way of life.

So, are we allowed to do whatever we want with our body since it’s only borrowed? Well, yes. But only if you have unlocked its hidden features and functions, which will enable us to perceive things that could not be perceived with our normal five senses. Hence we will achieve different levels of realization about life, existentially not psychologically. And then we will be one step closer to the final stage of spiritual awakening.

Self-realization is not easy. It is not for someone who only seeks comfort. It is for someone who has the strong will to be awakened and to unfold the other dimension of one’s self. It is tough but it is beautiful because it is something you can truly own. Something that no one can take away from you. And something you won’t have to return when the time comes.

When we compare life to real estate properties. You know for sure that owning is better than renting a place, right? You can just sell your property and take your investment back and more when it’s time for you to leave. But if you rent, you will end up spending more because you can’t sell it when it’s time for you to leave because it’s not yours in the first place.

The fundamental difference between owning and renting is one thing: equity. If you want to own your life instead of renting, you’d better build equity. To life, its equity is something that can carry on life after life even if this body is returned. You don’t need to believe it and you shouldn’t. Once you experience it, it becomes true to you. Otherwise, they are just illusions that only happen in your mind. 

As I mentioned earlier, our lives might feel like surviving most of the time. If you have been feeling that way for a long time now, well maybe something needs to change. Maybe it’s time to reflect on where you spend your time and energy. And have the will to put it to something that’s worth it.


My advice is, to put most of your time and energy into long-term qigong practices that could enhance your physicality and your spirituality. And most importantly, work on something that you can truly own and no one can take away from you whenever or wherever you go. 

Realizing one’s self will put you on freedom physically and spiritually. It will propel you out of the compulsion of pursuing temporary relief and comfort. Instead, it will drive you towards the ultimate wisdom of life and liberation.

Again, ask yourself this question, have you used all your limited time and energy in this life on something temporary that you don’t own, or on something that lasts?


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