5 Signs That You Are Entangled With Money

emotions entangled with money

How can you tell that you are entangled with money? It might be easy to understand that when negative feelings come, it indicates that you have an attachment to money. But what about positive emotions? Whenever you hear positive money talks, you will get excited. Is that also a money entanglement?

Money seems to be the motivation for everyone these days. People work hard for more money, save for more money, invest for more money, etc. We earn and spend money for a living.

Ordinary people focus on gaining money to sustain their bills, billionaires focus on gaining more money to maintain their lifestyle. And the cycle goes on. Money has become significant in our society. It became a way of life.

Money Good or Evil

Do you believe you can’t live without money? Technically speaking, you don’t. Somehow you still need money to feed and clothe yourself, put a roof over your head. But let’s dive into a deeper question, do you think money is good or bad for you?

Whatever your answer might be, the answer is neither. Why? Because money is just a tool; any tool is useful at a certain point. A tool wouldn’t and shouldn’t control you unless you allow it.

Whatever emotional effect money might have on you, positive or negative impact, it is money that is controlling you. For example, winning a lottery will give you excitement and uncontainable happiness, so it is a positive impact. But later you lost that money due to whatever reason, you will feel devastated and regretful which is a negative impact. But do you realize that lottery money wasn’t yours from the beginning, why would it trigger your emotions, not just once, twice?!

Money’s Presence Or Absence

Money is a societal made for the economy to continue rotating. The presence or absence of it shouldn’t make you feel an intense impact. Just like a cellphone! A cellphone is a necessity these days for convenient and instant communication, right? Education, work, banks, food and item deliveries, entertainment are now all accessible on mobile phones. But do we need a phone to access it all? Excluding the fact that it will be convenient, but those things wouldn’t go anywhere with us without a phone. Same as money. All these comforts, convenience, and luxury will be there with money. But we don’t necessarily need them to start being happy with our lives.

On the other hand, those who hate money, they say it’s meaningless to strive because everything is temporary. They have this so-called “inner peace”. But, do they still struggle when financial issues come, don’t they? So it’s still not the answer.

5 signs of entanglement

As obvious as it seems, everyone and society are now controlled by money. It seems like money is the most important thing in order to live in this world. It seems like every societal group needs funds to be coherent. It seems like money is the number rule in starting everything. Is that the truth? You need to look outside the box.

5 Signs of Money Entanglement

And that’s when we know that majority of the people are now entangled with money. Given the facts that:

  1. Money affects their emotions
  2. Money is the definition of their success or their end goal
  3. Money is now their excuse in holding back to start something that makes them happy
  4. Having money feels powerful to them
  5. Controlling others from using their money

But no one should be blamed for their mindset. They are also the victims of this “program” that has been encrypted with us since we were born. This program makes us vulnerable and reliant on any societal tools that make us feel we are superior to others. Once you understand how you are programmed, you can be de-programmed with the help of our Onenergy tool.

money mindset program

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