need money to enjoy life

Do You Need Money To Enjoy Life

Money makes the world go around. Economies rely on the exchange of money for products and services. Economists define money, where it comes from, and what it’s worth.

Money is a medium of exchange; it allows people to obtain what they need to live. Like gold and other precious metals, money has worth because for most people it represents something valuable.

Above all, money is a unit of account – a socially accepted standard unit with which things are priced. – Investopedia

As we searched for the definition of money, that’s the common result. To cut it short, money is a necessity. Money is what makes us humans. Money is the main source of living.

And we get it; how can we eat or drink? How can we have shelter, clothes, or any necessities without money?

As years go by, society defines money for us. How much you earn reflects on which class you belong to, how many properties you own defines your success, and how comfortable your lifestyle defines if you’re enjoying life.

Truth about money

How Much Money Is Enough

Have you ever thought about how much money is enough money? If you’re earning just as sustainable with your cost of living, most likely you will want more for your extra spending on clothes, gadgets, vacation, a nice car, etc. If you’re earning a million per month, you will strive more to cover up your taxes and sustain your luxurious lifestyle. Isn’t that right?

Well, to be honest with you, desiring to earn more money and for a comfortable lifestyle isn’t bad. We as humans naturally have dreams and aspirations to keep us motivated in our daily routine. What is not good for you is using money as an excuse to enjoy your life.

Some people say “my life would be better if I was richer”, “I would be happier if I can afford this brand or a vacation in this fancy place”, or “I would feel better if I own a lot of this and that.” Can you relate to it? Don’t worry, we all get through that point.

But, we must understand that happiness is right where you are now. Happiness is what you have now; all you have to do is appreciate it. We can never be happy if we always look for something that is missing. We would always be searching for something and that could feel empty.

Money vs Enjoy Life

Enjoying life doesn’t mean relying on materialistic things and temporary experiences. Enjoying life doesn’t mean being able to afford everything. Enjoying life isn’t all about money.

Have you heard the line from Squid Game, “Being broke is just the same as being super-rich, both sides don’t know what to do with money.”

Some people would literally die for money, just like our previous topic about Squid Game. They would sacrifice their lives because they thought that amount of money would make their lives outside better.

They thought having an obscene amount of money would give them freedom and finally start over with their lives. They thought it would be a refresh, but what happened to the winner of the Squid Game?

He spent a year with that amount of money without spending a dime. After going through those extreme life and death moments for those many days, he felt that there was no point in owning money anymore.

You see, money is a powerful tool that can bring hope, as well as destroy your life. It can overpower a human. So, do you really need money to enjoy life?

You may justify, “of course I do! I need to feed myself and pay my bills.” You need money to survive and live, but life is not all about living.

Life is about discovering your highest potential, embracing growth, and enjoying the process of it. Making more money can facilitate your life, but cannot guarantee an enjoyable life.


But we are not the ones to blame for our money mindset. Growing in any society makes us believe that striving for more money will make us successful, gaining more would make us worthy of a human, having multiple incomes would give us a better life.

The process of unlearning it wouldn’t be easy. Whether positive or negative, the money mindset limits our life and its potential. If you want to break free and enjoy life, you will need a program that can help you out of any money mindset.


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