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Why You Don’t Need New Year Resolutions

It’s the end of year 2020, an unimaginable year which has impacted many people’s lives on earth.

For some people, they’ve faced life and death situations; for most others, they still deal with daily life in order to survive.

In such a civilized society, can you imagine that most people are struggling to survive? Yes, there are still a whole lot of people who lack food or shelter.

But most of us who seem to live a very comfortable life, still survive. I am not talking about having enough food to eat, or putting a roof over your head. I am talking about social survival and psychological survival.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Since many of us fall into this tradition of having new year resolutions, let’s look at those most popular resolutions we set for ourselves:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Read more
  4. Make more money
  5. Spend more time with family and friends
  6. Be organized
  7. Learn a new skill or hobby
  8. Quit smoking, drinking…
  9. Save money, spend less
  10. Start meditation and/or practice yoga, qigong…

I am sure that list hits one or more of your new year resolutions.

You might notice that none of them seem to talk about surviving. All is about wellbeing. But wellbeing of what? Look closely, they are about your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Body is physical, you know that. But do you know that the mind is also physical? Therefore psychological wellbeing is also physical wellbeing. Everything physical is about surviving.

Let me explain.

new year resolution ideasYou want to do more exercise, lose weight, eat healthier and quit smoking and alcohol to have a fit and healthy body. You want to gain more skills and knowledge, be organized, spend time with family and friends to have a happy mind. You want to make and save more money in order to support your lifestyle, which is what your body and mind need. All of them are to make sure that you survive physically and psychologically.

IF it’s not about surviving, why would you feel bad about not achieving them? If you don’t feel bad about not achieving them, why would you start those resolutions in the first place?

You may ask, what about the last one: start meditation and/or practice (whatever practice you want to do)?

Then ask yourself this question: why do you think you want to meditate or practice? If your answer is for better health and wellbeing, it is still for your surviving, nothing new or glorious.

If you meditate for love and peace, please look at the truth. Love and peace is only happening within you, it’s your making, your emotion and feeling. They are your psychological happening because of our human’s psychological surviving need and probably adding some social surviving need. Since a lot of people claim to meditate for love and peace nowadays, knowingly or unknowingly you want to find some social belonging and acceptance. 

Dissolve YOU and just be LOVE, that’s totally different. 

Wellbeing vs Consciousness

There is Nothing wrong with physical and/or psychological wellbeing. But you need to understand that consciousness will never come with wellbeing.

Because consciousness is not some psychological happening. Consciousness is your non physical existence.

When all your focus is physical wellbeing, non physical will hardly strike you. Because all physical existence- any happenings to the body and mind, are so bright like a day light that easily distract you. However non physical existence- any happenings to the consciousness is so subtle that you will mostly miss unless your mind becomes so even and calm like a mirror.

It’s time to discard all new year resolutions. Most people drop their resolutions by the end of January anyway. Instead, do this one thing everyday.

Ask ourself this question: I know that any day could be my last day, what will I do now?

Coach Delphine

Coach Delphine

Coach Delphine started qigong in her early 20s when she was a university student. After moving to Canada, she worked in different industries and then started a business in 2009. In 2017, she co-founded Onenergy Institute with Master Dai. She has been focusing on spiritual awakening through qigong meditation since 2019.

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qigong and meditation the new way

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