Dragon Spine Qigong form

Question #1: What is Dragon Spine TM

Dragon SpineTM is a Qigong practice method which is focus on building a proper physical foundation, which will largely improve one’s physical and mental conditions, as well as one’s life energy.

Question #2: Where does it come from?

It derives from the essences from thousands of years of Taoist and Confucian practice. Its movements are from Zhineng Qigong – modern scientific Qigong methods and theories.

Question #3: Who is dragon Spine practice for?

Dragon Spine practice is recommended for everyone. It is perfect for beginners, who are new to Qigong practice. It can benefit those who tend to fall sick easily, who are lack of energy and often feel lethargy, or who have any kind of physical and/or mental illness. It is easy to learn and suitable for anyone 12 years or older, regardless of Qigong experience. It has total six sections of movement.

Question #4: When is its online program launched?

We’ve worked several months to develop Dragon SpineTM Advance Program online course, which was first launched in December 2019. Hundreds of people have taken this course since then and many have changed their life in a big way.

Question #5: What does Dragon SpineTM Advance Program offer?

Dragon SpineTM Advance is a 6-week program, which contains more than 80 video lessons, and over 30 practice sessions. It is such an intensive program that can change people in a way that they could never imagine. It is way more than just teaching a Qigong form/movement.

Question #6: How to start Dragon Spine online program?

Download Onenergy APP to learn preparetory practices before you will have access to Dragon Spine and many other Qigong programs.

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Qi Dragon Spine methord
Qi Dragon Spine Qigong Methord
Hun Yuan Ling Tong
Hun Yuan Ling Tong Qiong Mantra

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