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About Onenergy Institute

“Onenergy” is a combined word and pronounce as “one-nergy”, which refers to the source of creation – “Hun Yuan Qi” (混元气)

Onenergy Institute

Free Will

Onenergy Institute is a non-profit corporation registered in BC, Canada. We aim to awaken and help more people realize the essence of life and live a joyful and fulfilled life.

Onenergy’s core values are Openness, Integrity, Congruence, Inclusiveness, and Free will.

Who will benefit from our programs

If you want to change your current situation, whether it's your health, wealth, or spiritual growth, you need to follow a system that works.

Onenergy Institute's mission

Our mission is to serve a community whose members value self-awareness, mindfulness and consciousness practice to enhance human wellness and well being. We help our members to achieve their life goals.

We aim to raise public awareness of Onenergy and bring about evolution of human health, wealth, relationship and well-being.

Onenergy Institute mission
Onenergy group meditation

What we do

Onenergy Institute created a powerful and innovative online platform which suitable for people of different qigong practice experiences.

We advocate and encourage participation in various traditional practices to improve body, mind and emotional health, including but not limited to Qigong and meditation, Taiji, Yoga.

Play an active role in qigong education

Everyone can participate and play an active and important role in consciousness and spiritual practice. A thousand miles begins with a single step. Let Onenergy qigong be your first step.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong our best wishes and blessings! 

Onenergy spiritual practice

Consciousness is not a philosophy or psychology, although some of the psychology techniques might be involved in guiding the practice.

However, there are multiple “muscles” you need to work on before being able to have access to consciousness. Start with Mingjue consciousness practice.

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qigong and meditation the new way

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