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About Onenergy Institute

“Onenergy” is a combined word and pronounce as “one-nergy”, which refers to the source of creation – “Hun Yuan Qi” (混元气)

Onenergy Institute

Onenergy Core Value:
Free Will

Onenergy Institute is a non-profit corporation registered in British Columbia, Canada.

Our mission is to advocate for qigong – the oriental wisdom of natural healing for better health and wellness, to awaken and boost human inner healing ability, to help people get rid of pharmaceutical drug dependence, and to develop self health care awareness.

Who will benefit from our programs

If you want to change your current situation, whether it's your health, career, or relationship, you need to work on yourself.

Why we do this

We have observed that despite the many Western medical treatments, counselling and therapies people have received, their physical and mental health problems persist. Fatal diseases like cancers are affecting younger generations. Many people have experienced stress, depression, and other mental health issues but couldn’t help themselves.

In western society, people lack efficient methods to prevent diseases. When health issues happen, people have no clue what they have done wrong that causes those issues. The only way they can think of is to use pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries to relieve the pain.

Onenergy Institute mission
Onenergy group meditation

Why Qigong

Qigong deals with the roots of diseases, the inner healing power, and the core of life. Therefore, qigong is the holistic, safest, and very efficient approach to any health troubles. It can also enhance the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems to improve overall wellness and well-being.

Qigong wisdom is life wisdom which teaches people how to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. 

Why Onenergy Insitute

We found Onenergy Institute, a non-profit organization, to share knowledge and help as many people as possible. We want more people to know that healing is from within and qigong can help awaken that natural ability.

Onenergy spiritual practice

We inherit the qigong wisdom and knowledge from our Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian masters. We have had many success stories during our combined 50 years of qigong practice and teaching.

We released our Onenergy qigong App in July 2022. You are welcome to download and use our App to learn and practice qigong.

We also host local qigong events. Sign up for our newsletter below to learn about our next event.

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