About Onenergy Institute

“Onenergy” is a combined word and pronounce as “one-nergy”, which refers to the source of creation – “Hun Yuan Qi” (混元气)

Onenergy Institute’s Qigong programs provide the knowledge and tools to help improve your health and holistically enhance your quality of life.

Onenergy Institute

Onenergy Core Value:

Onenergy Institute is a not-for-profit organization registered in British Columbia, Canada.

Our mission is to advocate for qigong – the oriental wisdom of natural healing for better health and wellness, to awaken and boost human inner healing ability, to help people get rid of pharmaceutical drug dependence, and to raise self-health-care awareness.

Who will benefit from our programs?

If your health situation affects your career, relationship, and quality of life, and you look for a holistic and natural way to solve the root causes…​

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We Observe That…

Despite the many Western medical treatments, counselling and therapies people have available, their physical and mental health problems persist. Fatal diseases like cancers are affecting younger generations. Many people have experienced stress, anxiety, and depression but couldn’t deal with their mental health issues effectively.

People lack holistic methods to strengthen their immune to prevent diseases. They do not have a complete picture of the issue and its root cause when health issues happen. They tend to rely on pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries to ease the symptoms and relieve the pain temporarily.

Onenergy Institute mission
Onenergy group meditation

Why Qigong

Qigong deals with the roots of diseases, the inner healing power, and the core of life. Therefore, qigong is the holistic, safest, and very efficient approach. It can also enhance the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems to improve overall wellness and well-being.

Qigong wisdom is life wisdom which teaches people how to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. 

Why Onenergy Institute​

We inherit the Qigong wisdom and knowledge from our Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian masters. We have had many proven successes during our combined 50 years of qigong practice and teaching.

Onenergy spiritual practice

Onenergy’s Impacts

We found Onenergy Institute, a non-profit organization, to bring positive impacts on individuals, cultures, and society.

Our impact on individuals: our programs provide efficient self-care and self-healing methods. It can help people eliminate their pharmaceutical drug dependence, strengthen their self-healing ability, and improve their careers, relationships, and quality of life. 

Our cultural impact: our programs are based on the oriental wisdom of qigong, which is the root of Asian culture. Promoting qigong will help Asians to carry on their heritage and introduce the benefits and awareness to non-Asians all over the world, all of which can contribute to the culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our impact on society: through our programs, more people form healthy habits and live healthy lifestyles, which will help ease the burden on the public health system and save costs on public medical care.

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Onenergy founders: Master Dai and Coach Delphine

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