“Onenergy” is a created word from “One Energy” which refers to “The one energy”, or “the origin of everything” (万事万物之源), “Hun Yuan Qi” (混元气) – the ultimate source of energy, based on Dr. Pang’s Hun Yuan Entirety Theory.

Onenergy Institute delivers transformational education for all ages. We believe that everyone should learn to connect with that ultimate source of energy, which will lead us to the next human evolution.

We bring the best teachers, coaches, leaders and people who inspire us from all over the world. Together we study and explore to improve human life.

Onenergy Institute is a BC Canada registered society, a Non Profit organization corporation. We aim to build public awareness of The One Energy and Human Nature Oneness. We are a research and educational institution dedicated to personal development, self healing and consciousness studies, and helping people to understand and to develop their own human potentials that can improve health, career, and relationship.

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