qi dragon spine qigong

Question #1: what is Qi Dragon Spine Qigong

Qi Dragon Spine (also called Qi Dragon) is a Qigong practice that is focused on building a proper physical foundation, which will largely improve one’s physical and mental conditions, as well as enhance one’s life energy.

Question #2: where did this qigong practice originate?

Qi Dragon derives from the essence from thousands of years of Taoist and Confucian practice. Its movements are from Zhineng Qigong – modern scientific Qigong methods and theories.

Question #3: who is this qigong program for?

Qi Dragon is recommended for everyone. It is easy to learn and suitable for anyone 12 years or older, regardless of Qigong experience. It can efficiently (instantly and long term) release the stress and relax your whole body and mind. If you tend to fall sick easily, or you are lack energy and often feel lethargy, this qigong practice is for you.

It’s safe to learn and practice even if you have health issues. If you have a serious health condition, you shall check with us and your doctor before practicing Qi Dragon. 

Before you look at our programs, please check out our qigong for beginners guide.

Question #4: when did the Qi Dragon program first launch?

This qigong program was first launched in December 2019, before qigong retreat. Hundreds of people have taken the course since then and many had reported that their physical body and mind conditions had been greatly improved during and after the program.

Question #5: what does this qigong program include?

The original Qi Dragon Spine program was a 6-week course containing more than 80 video lessons and over 30 practice sessions. It is such an intensive program that can change people so that they could never imagine. It was way more than just teaching a Qigong movement. It also covered a lot of qigong basics in the course.

The new Qi Dragon program will be a shorter one. You will be introduced to this new qigong program after you qualify.

Question #6: how to start Qi Dragon?

We have built a qigong learning system in the App. Our qigong App has 7 unique features.

Download Onenergy APP to learn preparatory practices and prepare your body and mind for advanced Qigong practices like Qi Dragon Spine and three other Qigong courses.