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Qigong Basics

In this qigong basics section, you will find information about basic qigong terms, must have knowledge about qi and qigong. It is always good to refer back to those basics for clarification. Therefore, it is not only great for qigong beginners but useful for any qigong practitioners at different levels. For example, you will find basic knowledge of qi, energy points, qigong types, etc. We will continue adding new content if we find some information belonging to this section. When you finish everything in qigong basics, you can check qigong advance for more advanced knowledge.

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buddhist taoist confucian qigong

Buddhist Qigong Taoist Qigong Or Confucian Qigong

China has more than 3,000 years of qigong history. There are probably over a thousand forms of qigong practices exist. According to their origins, we categorize them into: Buddhist qigong, Taoist qigong and Confucian qigong.

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