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How to Make Our Monkey Mind To Cooperate

In meditation and Qigong practices, I often hear people discuss about how to use the mind and how to stop the mind. It seems that a lot of us are struggling with the mind problem.

Is our mind the problem?

We think that our mind is the problem. Yes our mind never stops creating thoughts. But no, our mind is not the problem. So what is the problem?

Now let’s do this test: try to stop your mind to think about what you are doing now, try as hard as you can. I know you can’t. No one can. The mind never works that way. Because the harder ask our mind to stop, the more it will continue to do what you ask it to stop.

How our mind works

We need to understand, this is how our mind works: there is not just one busy monkey in our mind. There are a few of them existing and they like to gang up and chat with each other a lot. They are very chatty. As long as you are awake, they are active in chatting.

Once they gang up and chat about some issue in our life, even though it’s a minor issue or it’s a temporary issue, all of a sudden it becomes a large issue and will make us feel like it used to be and will always be the issue. We have to understand that that is monkey mind’s job. It cannot exist without jobs. If there’s no issue, it will create some issue by itself.

Awareness which separate reality from illusion

I am sure you have realized some issues created by your monkey mind. Or maybe you haven’t realized any of its tricks yet, you very much believe that you do have a lot of real issues, such as weight issue, allergy issue, digestion issue, sleep issue, diabetes issue, self esteem issue, depression issue, relationship issue and so on. That’s okay, one day you will realize that they are what your monkey mind makes you believe, once your awareness is enhanced.

Actually, everyone has self awareness. Even though you say that you do not have self awareness, you have. Because you are aware of that! 😄

However everyone’s awareness is at different level. We can enhance our awareness level. How? We need our monkey mind to cooperate with us on that. That’s how. You probably would say: not a chance! I can’t even make my monkey mind to stop, how could I ask it to cooperate with me?!

How to make our mind cooperative?

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At any time during the day, we can do this practice. Especially, at the very moment when we feel stressed, angry, tangled, grumble, depressed, or whatever, do the practice.

You shall try other ways of stress relief and find out what’s the best for you. 

With that practice, you will find that those issues which usually trigger strong feelings or emotions become less of an issue. And your mind becomes more cooperative and calm when it needs to be.

Coach Delphine

Coach Delphine

Coach Delphine started qigong in her early 20s when she was a university student. After moving to Canada, she worked in different industries and then started a business in 2009. In 2017, she co-founded Onenergy Institute with Master Dai. She has been focusing on spiritual awakening through qigong meditation since 2019.

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qigong and meditation the new way

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