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How To Know Your Stress Relief Methods Really Work

You may have tried multiple stress relief methods and tools. Things like stress relief balls, spinners, candles, masks, gummies, and massaging gears might work for a short period, mostly during usage.

On the other hand, stress relief methods might work a bit longer. For ordinary people, drinking a cup of herbal tea, having a hot bath, and listening to music for qi cultivation can help relax.

If you do physical exercises regularly, you know they are more effective than those stress relief gadgets. Have you wondered what other more efficient ways to release stress?

Stress relief methods that work

Dynamic practice

Qigong, Yoga, and Taichi are dynamic practices. Each type of practice has its forms and movements. Different forms focus on different things which involve different body part movements.

If you learn those practices from the studio, I am sure you are learning and doing just the physical exercises most of the time. Which is fine if you just want to get your body moving. However, you might have missed their essence that you can only experience through real qigong masters or yoga gurus.

Static practice

Meditation is a static practice. We call it static because you are supposed to be completely still during the practice. Being completely still is almost impossible for most people.

Because it requires your body and your mind to stay motionless, not having any single movement or thought. To get to that level, you need to go through training.

Some popular apps, i.e., Calm or Headspace, call themselves meditation apps. But what they do is not real meditation. They are more of a guided relaxation that belongs to psychotherapy.

how to release stress 4 techniques

Four stress relief techniques

Both dynamic and static practice will involve one or more of the following stress relief techniques:


We can tell how healthy people are from the way they breathe. If you have shorter inhales than exhales, you have a lung capacity issue due to your body or mental health issue. It could also mean that your life is diminishing.

Deep breathing to lower Dantian can help you calm down and release stress. There are other breathing techniques that we teach in our qigong APP.

Imagination and visualization

With stress, your body and mind naturally tense. We use these wonderful brain faculties to help relax and open up those tensed body parts. Those techniques are usually used in the opening of qigong practice.


In some meditation forms, we use sound and chanting techniques. Sound can activate certain energy vibrations in different inner organs or energy points/chakras with proper setting and guidance. Thus releasing the stress stored in deep body parts.

Our Eight Verses and Hun Yuan Ling Tong mantra are great examples of using sound and music to relax the body and mind.

Mobilizing qi

We can mobilize qi to certain energy points and along certain meridian channels. That is very effective in stress relief beyond physical dimensions. You shall refer to how to relax your whole body and mind for more.

Energy points are not a point on your physical body. They are located in different spots along the meridian channels. Meridian channels are not a physical existence either. Qi is invisible and undetectable, and so are meridian channels.

In yoga, they refer to a specific qi harvested in lower Dantian as Kundalini. You can refer to what is qi and what is qigong for more information about qi.

effective stress relief methods

How to measure the stress relief effectiveness

It boils down to one thing: how relaxed you are.

Stress relief on three levels

At the physical level, you shall feel no tension at all layers, including skins, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and marrows.

At the energy level, your blood and qi flow smoothly without any blockage. How would you know that you have a blockage? If you have any soreness or pain, you have a blockage.

At the mind and spirit level, you are tranquil without any resistance or racing thoughts.

When you reach a great relaxing status, you would feel that your physical body becomes so soft and light, like air rising and merging with the blue sky.

You would feel so comfortably warm (not hot sensations) from head to toes, from inside out. You become super sharp and conscious. You can reach a high qigong mindfulness state.

Qigong can effectively release stress

Qigong has both dynamic and static forms, and it uses all stress relief techniques. That’s why it is a very good way to release stress. Qigong healing is known to the world. However, qigong can do more than heal.

Besides health, stress can kill a loving relationship, career, and well-being. If you are stressed, your body and mind cannot perform their best. Therefore, daily qigong and meditation can help in a big way. You can read the qigong beginners guide for more information about qigong.

Today, psychotherapy also uses the first two stress relief techniques (breathing and imagination) to help patients relax. If you grasp those techniques, you can be your own doctor.

In this fast-paced world, stress is inevitable because of time pressure. Stress leads to many issues like sleep problems, anxiety, addictions, anger, depression, etc. If you regularly practice qigong and meditation, you can release stress very well.

The key is to be motivated to keep practicing. That’s why we create this qigong and meditation App to keep you on track!


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