What A True Relaxing Status Would Feel Like

relaxing status

Relaxation is a great way to reduce our tense, stress, pain, anxiety, addiction, anger, depression, etc. It is highly effective to enhance our body and mental health.

There are different relaxation techniques. They are exercises, meditation, visualization, breathing and chanting.

There are also many forms of training that are available to help us to relax. Qigong, Yoga, hypnosis, pranayama, Tai Chi…just to name a few. But how would we know that which one is highly effective?

A true relaxing status would be:

At physical level, it is when all layers of whole body, from skins, muscles, ligaments, tendons, to bones and marrows, are relaxed without any tension.

At energy level, it is when blood and energy (qi) flows smoothly all around the body without any blockage or stress.

At mind level, it is when mind is focus on one thing which is relaxing without any resistance or distracting thoughts.

What it would feel like in a true relaxing status.

When we reach that complete relaxing status, we would feel that our physical body becomes so soft and light, like air rising and merging with the blue sky.

We would feel so comfortably warm from head to toes, from inside out. We would feel that our mind connect with the universe so much so that we become the universe.

Why we want to reach a true relaxing status.

In that state, we could heal any pain or illness in our physical body and mind. We could finally drop down all the baggages from both outside and inside.

In that relaxing status, those stresses from job, business, family, relationship, society could be released. All the emotions and desires could be released.

Only in that state, would we be able to see ourselves much clearly, to understand things better. We would be able to open our creative and paranormal mind, to connect with the universe. And we would experience our true self.

A highly effective training (practice) should be able to show how we can reach that true relaxing status in steps.

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine Zhu

Immigrated from a non-English speaking country, Delphine senses the urge to unite people of different ethical backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. Onenergy Institute is her dream and passion to help more people with the right tools and guidance. Together mindful people can make a bigger impact on our communities and the entire humanity. Thriving to do whatever she can regardless of what is possible, is her way of consciousness and spiritual practice. She recorded the journey of self-realization in her personal blog delphinezhu.com


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