Your Body Doesn’t Feel; Your Mind Doesn’t Know

body doesn't feel,mind doesn't know

Quick Quiz: Can you remember the five senses of the body? Yes! You’re right it is the sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. 

What do you think you use the most? Either way, whatever senses we use, this is made for us to get in touch with the physical world. We see through our eyes, touch through our skin, smell through our nose, taste through our tongue, and hear through our ears. Sure, everyone knows that. And we feel the presence of the physical world thanks to our senses.

By this, people always say they want to feel and they want to know. They want to see, touch, smell, taste, hear, and learn new things. But the truth is, most of the time, what we want is the opposite. 

Confused? Let me explain. What do people do when they are stressed? Sleep, eat, play video games, binge watch, go out with friends, party, drink beer, do vices, or whatever coping they will find comfortable. Or simply, avoiding the pain and stress to make their lives comfortable. And hey, don’t get us wrong, finding what makes you cope up is great, but why do you always have to avoid the pain or stress

You see, people always tend to block off their senses when they feel pain from it. When they feel their body ache, they use pain relievers. When they taste something awful, they drink or eat to flush the taste away. Therefore, our body doesn’t want to feel especially if it makes us feel uncomfortable. 

How about the mind? Well, let’s say you are in charge of how you think. What you ought to learn and what environment you are surrounded by influences the way you think. Therefore, the mind is not capable of knowing itself. It is not the knower, you are the knower. To the mind, not knowing something when you are asked for is painful, the unknown is fearful. So, therefore, your mind doesn’t want to know because it is afraid to be full, and out of control.

For example, we say “I know” when someone is explaining something to us and we don’t want them to continue explaining it further because we don’t want to know more about it. Another example is, we say “no, I’m full” when someone offers us to eat but we are not hungry. We refuse what we think we couldn’t get more, just like our minds. If you are the mind, you won’t like to know more most of the time.

Ask Four Questions about life

To sum this up; you are not your body, you are not your mind, but you are YOU. 

The world has only 5% of its physicals. The other 95% is not something we cannot sense, it is not a thing so it is non-sensible to most people. 

The question is, are you curious about the other 95%? Do you want to know what the other 95% is? 

Well, in order to do understand what is the other 95%, we must transcend beyond our mind and body, and acknowledge YOU.

After all, life is not just blocking our senses when in pain just to get comfortable, it is experiencing every part of our life, every feeling, and every moment. It is seeking possibilities and continuously growing our beliefs, not just settling what we are used to. What you think your mind already knows will remain prison in your life. 


Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? What am I doing every day? Are you here to make yourself only comfortable by avoiding this life? Or are you here to experience the fullest extent of life? 

Master Dai’s Nonsense is giving a hint~ if you are no-body, you will know no-thing. How to become nobody? You may ask. I am glad that you have come to this question. 😊

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