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The Complete Guide Of Eight Verses Zhineng Qigong

The Eight Verses is a four-sentence Chinese poem rhyming in ōng at every end. It is the soul of Zhineng Qigong. Everyone who learns Zhineng Qigong will learn those eight verses at some point. 

Here are the Eight Verses in Chinese and their Pinyin notes. Pinyin gives you a good indication of what it should sound like in Mandarin. They can help you to memorize the pronunciation. 

The Complete Eight Verses With Pinyin

顶天立地 Dǐng tiān lì dì

形松意充 Xíng sōng yì chōng

内敬外静 Nèi jìng wài jìng

心澄貌恭 Xīn chéng mào gōng

一念不起 Yī niàn bù qǐ

神入太空 Shén rù tài kōng

神意照体 Shén yì zhào tǐ

周身融融 Zhōu shēn róng róng

Listen to the audio recording of the eight verses of Zhineng qigong recited by Master Dai in the qi state.

The Meaning of The Eight Verses

The first verse of the Eight Verses:

顶天 (Dǐng tiān) means the top of your head touching the sky;

立地 (Lì dì) means your feet standing on the ground and growing into the deep of the earth.

The second verse:

形松 (Xíng sōng) means your body expanding and relaxing;

意充 (Yì chōng) means to fill the universe with your mind.

The third verse:

内敬 (Nèi jìng) means you are respectful from the inside;

外静 (Wài jìng) means you feel everything outside is so quiet and peaceful. 

The fourth verse:

心澄 (Xīn chéng) means your heart is crystal clear;

貌恭 (Mào gōng) means your appearance is humble.

The fifth verse:

一念 (Yī niàn) means a single thought;

不起 (Bù qǐ) means not rising.

That verse means not a single thought arises.

The sixth verse:

神入 (Shén rù) means your Shen entering;

太空 (tài kōng) means the universe.

That verse means that your Shen is entering into the vast universe.

The seventh verse:

神意 (Shén yì) means your Shen and your mind;

照体 (Zhào tǐ) means illuminating your body.

The eighth verse:

周身 (Zhōu shēn) means your whole body;

融融 (Róng róng) means feeling warm.

I believe that many Zhineng qigong practitioners have learned to interpret the eight verses word by word. But do you really get them?

If you just look at those interpretations, none of them would make sense. For example, how could your head touch the sky and your feet grow into the earth? How could you fill the universe with your mind? How could you feel outside quietness while all the sounds and noises are happening? And so on.

Many teachers might tell you to use your imagination to visualize. That method might work if your mind is capable of super imagination. But for most others, let’s be honest, that’s not easy. So~

What Are Zhineng Qigong Eight Verses For

The purpose of the eight verses, as what the grandmaster Dr. Pang stated: can effectively lead your body and mind to relax into a qigong state. And how? He used the word: 想.

想 (Xiang) has multiple meanings in Chinese. You can translate it into think, imagine, visualize, or memorize in different contexts. Dr. Pang once mentioned that 想 (Xiang) is to connect your Shen with the object. However, there is no such English word to describe that, as far as I know. (If you do, please leave a comment below. I would love to know.)

No wonder many practitioners understood 想 as imagining and visualizing. That’s what they are doing when reciting the eight verses. However, you are mistaken if you think you got it by imagination or visualization. 

The essence of the eight verses is way beyond their literal meaning. And it is beyond your mental faculty. Master Dai guided the participants to touch some essence during the last Onenergy qigong retreat. In one of the Onenergy Qigong programs, Master Dai will enlighten you with the true meaning behind the eight verses. And it will totally change your perspective.

Once you truly get the essence, silently reciting the eight verses without any movement or visualization is a high-state qigong practice that achieves a stunning qigong healing effect.

That being said, the eight verses are advanced qigong kung fu. You will get to that level regardless of your age, health condition, or experience. If you follow Onenergy qigong programs from the beginning, you will be ready to perceive that profoundness. Our unique and best qigong App has embedded a proven system to guarantee your progress.

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