Upcoming Qigong Workshop

Usually when people get sick or feel ill, the first thing they’ll think is: “Oh, I need to go to the doctor, or I need to take some medicine to help me get better.” They never imagine that they themselves could be their own doctor

5 topics of super brain training

Super Brain Camp Grand Landing In BC Canada

Most of us only use 5% of our brain power, do you wonder why we haven’t or couldn’t develop the other 95%? What we are capable of if we develop another 5% – 10% of our brain power?

Re-Discover Dark Box of Emotions Inside

Anita was diagnosed with different tumors in twelve different parts of her body a while ago. Western medicine treatment like Chemotherapy brought her so much pain and sufferings…

Qi Cultivation With Guqin & Qigong Workshop

ZN Qigong three Zhuang series of practice (soring Soaring Crane, Body and Mind, and Five HunYuan Form), into Guqin music, and you will experience the beauty of Qigong in a relaxed and quiet state.

Under the starry night. Milky way above the mountains, village with cottages and snowy forest

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