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Onenergy is a combined word pronounced as “One-Nergy”. It refers to the source of creation. In Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching 道德经), Lao Tzu stated that 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物, which means Dao (Tao) created the one, the one created the two, the two created the three, and the three created everything. The one refers to Onenergy or Hun Yuan Qi in qigong terminology. The two refers to Yin and Yang. The three refers to the sky, earth, and humans. Till then, everything was manifested.

Onenergy Qigong is to share and teach how to connect with the one so that it can help to manifest whatever you wish for: your body health, mental health, wealth, relationship, and well-being. Once you connected with Onenergy, you are very close to Dao/Tao. Then you will be able to realize the true meaning of life and achieve your spiritual awakening.

About Onenergy Institute mission and dream. Onenegy Institute founders: Master Dai and Coach Delphine. Be part of Onenergy Community.

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How To Use Onenergy App (fun demo)
A fun video demo of how to use the Onenergy qigong App, including how to find the App and how to start Onenergy qigong courses in the App.
Mexico Qigong Retreat Feedback
“I really loved the study and connection of the eight phrases. During the retreat, a little tumor that I had, disappeared from my arm over the skin.”
Qigong Workshop Vancouver Of What Qigong Can Do
Usually when people get sick or feel ill, the first thing they'll think is: "Oh, I need to go to the doctor, or I need to take some medicine to help me get better." They never imagine that they themselves could be their own doctor
Qigong Master Pang Ming Before & After 2000
Master Pang Ming is the father of modern scientid qigong. He was a TCM and western medical doctor. He created and started to publicly teach his scientific Qigong in late 70's. Master Pang has published 20+ books about qigong science, acupuncture, spiritual growth.
Never Been To Guqin Qigong Workshop? So Unique!
ZN Qigong three Zhuang series of practice (soring Soaring Crane, Body and Mind, and Five HunYuan Form), into Guqin music, and you will experience the beauty of Qigong in a relaxed and quiet state.
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Under the starry night. Milky way above the mountains, village with cottages and snowy forest

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