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Master Dai was Coach Delphine’s first qigong teacher. What he taught about qi and qigong opened her eyes, and then changed her life. Master Dai’s unique and profound insights about life have inspired her. Coach Delphine and Master Dai got married and moved to Canada in 2002. Together they have 2 wonderful children.

Coach Delphine has focused her qigong practice on consciousness spiritual practice since 2019. She recorded the journey of self-realization in her personal blog

Because her education and career background had much to do with finance and business, Coach Delphine believes that her self-realization and unique views about money and finance can help many people with their money problems. Therefore, she created the GOOD program, probably the first money program in qigong teaching.

Coach Delphine senses the urge to unite people of different ethical backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. Onenergy Institute is her dream and passion for helping more people with the right tools and guidance. Together mindful people can make a bigger impact on our communities and the entire humanity. Thriving to do whatever she can regardless of what is possible, is her way of consciousness and spiritual practice.

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