what is qigong

What Indeed Is Qigong?

Although many people are practicing “Qigong” (chi kung, chi gung) all over the world, few of them could tell what Qigong

mindful qi practice

Purify and Intensify World Consciousness

When the politicians build the walls at the borders and declare wars to fight the terrorism, they bring no peace to the world; When people protest for anti-bullying, anti-racialism every now and then, bullying and racialism happens non stop around the globe.

time and life

“Time Is Not Important, Only Life Is”

A quote from 1997 movie “The fifth element”. How we human became time’s slave. Before we human had that “time” idea, we lived in a very simple yet peaceful life…

Under the starry night. Milky way above the mountains, village with cottages and snowy forest

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