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Sex Is Not A Taboo In Qigong Practice

Sex is quite a debatable topic among qigong practitioners. Some are pro sex; some are against sex. Let’s look at them in detail.

No sex qigong

Those who are against sex in qigong practice believe that sex consumes Jing qi. Jing is crucial to physical body health. Preserving Jing is the goal and the only way. Any activity that will consume Jing shall be limited. Therefore, sex has to be strictly limited.

Sex boosts qi

Others believe that sex can improve body health. Because innate qi Jing can be largely activated during sex. When it’s activated, Jing can quickly transition to Qi which supplements the body and mind. Therefore, sex is a good practice in qigong.

In the long history of Taoist qigong practice, the debates between the two had never ceased. Sex was never a taboo topic in qigong. Actually, traditional Taoist qigong had two completely different practice approaches: to eliminate sex completely or to practice excessive sex.

They are both right in their contexts. Before you decide on your sexual qigong, you should understand their contexts.

Sex can be a pleasure or a disaster

First, let’s look at sex without any discrimination. Sex is neither good nor bad. Just like the food we eat, and the air we breathe. Sex is what our body needs to fulfill its destiny: to reproduce a new body.

Notice that I write “new body” instead of “new life”. Because the body is not life. However, life needs a body to start. Life is beyond the body and mind.

If you focus on body wellness, sex is one of the most powerful tools. If you use the tool in the right way, it can help boost body energy and make your body function well. You can be younger, healthier, and more energetic. If you don’t use the tool appropriately, it can damage your health, and destroy your body and even your life.

Just like any other tool you have, car, house, knife, you need to know how to use them. You also need to know how to maintain it properly. Can you imagine a car without proper maintenance? It could not help reach your destination, instead, it would put you in danger on the road.

Sex and orgasm

When talking about sex, we cannot omit orgasm. When orgasm happens, sex becomes a very pleasant experience for the body and mind. What is an orgasm?

According to Wiki, orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

That explains the physical phenomenon of an orgasm. But it doesn’t explain how orgasm can happen.

Orgasm vs ejaculation

If you stimulate certain body parts, you can achieve ejaculation. It works for both male and female bodies. But ejaculation is not orgasm. Ejaculation can easily happen because it only involves the physical body.

For example, sexologists can teach where and how to stimulate body parts to ejaculate. However, ejaculation alone won’t bring happiness or sexual satisfaction. Only orgasm can.

However, you could never learn orgasm from anyone. It is a personal ability and experience. One thing for sure is that orgasm can happen when multiple dimensions are involved: physical, emotional, and energy.

For example, if two persons are physically and emotionally attracted, they will achieve ejaculation with pleasure. If they also apply qi energy in sex, that is, let the qi guide the movement through certain postures, the climax will undoubtedly happen.

That is what sex qigong is about. If you can involve your body, mind, and qi in sex each time, sex can boost your qi and balance your Yin and Yang. In that context, sex is not only healthy but helpful.

Unfortunately, most people’s sex involves one or two dimensions: physical and/or emotional. In that situation, sex consumes Jing and your Yin qi or Yang qi depending on your gender.

That’s why when aging, people naturally have less sex. Because they have less qi to produce the hormone needed for sex. Read Jing Qi Shen three qi practices for more.

When you start to practice qigong, you will feel that your libido heightens. That’s because you now have more qi that produces all kinds of hormones to enhance your body function. We strongly suggest qigong beginners have less sex or no sex to preserve their qi.

In the highest level of sex qigong practice, sex doesn’t happen in physical dimensions (physical, emotional, energy), so it doesn’t need two or more persons. If you want to reach ecstasy, the ultimate orgasm, you just need to fully involve the non-physical dimension: life.

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