Sex Is Not A Taboo In Qigong Practice

sex is not taboo in qigong

Sex is quite a debatable topic among qigong practitioners. Some people believe that sex need to be strictly limited in order to have better health, because energy/qi is consumed during sex. To them, preserving the body qi is the key. While some other people believe that practice during sex could boost body’s overall health, because congenital qi can be activated during sex. Congenital qi could help to supplement the body energy/qi and to strengthen the whole body.

In the long history of Taoist qigong practice, the debates between the two viewpoints have never ceased. Sex is never a taboo in qigong practice. Actually traditional Taoist qigong have two completely different practice approaches: to eliminate sex completely, or to practice through excessive sex.

Sex can be a pleasure or a disaster

Now let’s look at sex itself without any discrimination. You see, sex is neither good nor bad. It is just a natural thing that our body needs. Just like the food we eat, and the air we breathe. Sex is what our body needs to fulfill its destiny: to produce new body.

If you notice that I mention “new body” instead of “new life”, you are aware that life is not body. However life cannot exist without body, can it? And life is beyond this body and mind.

If you focus on the body wellness, yes sex is a tool, one of the most powerful tools. If you use the tool in the right way, it can help to boost up body energy and keep you young and energetic. If you don’t know how to use the tool appropriately, you could end up destroying your body and life.

Just like any other tool you have, car, house, knife, etc, you need to know how to use them. You also need to know how to maintain it properly. Can you imagine a car without proper maintenance? It could not help you to reach your destination, instead it would put you in dangerous situations on the way.

Sex and orgasm

When people talk about sex, they cannot avoid talking about orgasm…

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There is an old Chinese saying: 药补不如食补,食补不如气补。Literally it means "No medicine is better than food; no food is better than Qi". Or you can understand it as "Food is the best medicine; Qi is the best food." Today is 立夏 LiXia solar terms according to Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is the beginning of summer.
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