cold drink overweight problems

Surprise! Cold drinks will cause the overweight problems

Can cold drinks relate to overweight problems? I found that western culture prefers cold drinks. Many people drink only cold water when thirsty; have icing water, beer or soft drink with meals; and have multiple cold drinks in the pub during socializing. Do you aware of how many cold drinks you usually have in a day or a week?

Have you noticed that many East Asians, like Chinese, Japanese and Korean, always drink warm water or hot tea? That’s one secret of keeping fit. East Asians are accustomed to eating warm and resist cold drinks or food.

You may wonder, we use fridges to keep our veggies, meat, and all food fresh. Why are cold drinks or food not friendly to our bodies?

Your body is a living thing. That’s why you have a body temperature. If coldness does you good, your body temperature shall be much lower to make itself comfortable. But no, only a dead body will have a cold body temperature. That’s why in the lab, they keep dead bodies in the cooler, and the same reason you keep food in the fridge. 

36-37C is an ideal temperature for your body. When you have a cold drink, your body has to exhaust more energy for two reasons. One, to maintain the temperature to keep you alive; Two, to warm up the cold food you put in so it can digest them. If it happens once or twice, you might not feel too much of an impact. But if it happens all the time, your body will be too exhausted, costing your overall system worse. 

The first thing cold drinks will impact is your digestive system. Your metabolism becomes less efficient, and all the food you take cannot be fully digested. So your body will store those mid products as fat. Therefore, you will experience the overweight problem and develop other health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems, joint inflammation, etc.  

Drinking warm water and hot tea will bring many benefits to your body. I will talk about drinking some herbal tea can benefit your health. Now let’s just talk about drinking warm water. They are warm because they are high in energy. When you take them, your body is given extra energy and becomes more efficient in all functions, including digestion, circulation, metabolism, immunity, reproduction, etc. 

From qi and qigong’s perspective, drinking or eating cold food will cause damp qi. 70% of our body is water. Any food you take in will be digested into water and qi. Your body needs new qi and water to support its normal functioning. Check out this video about processed food.

Later, it will produce waste, most in liquid form. So the whole process is about water metabolism. When you have cold drinks, you interrupt the water metabolism process because water moves much slower when it gets colder. Then it becomes damp qi and stays in your fat tissue. 

So overweight problem is not necessarily caused by taking too much food. (refer to eating less to lose weight won’t work) It usually has water metabolism issues because of damp qi. Damp qi is the number one reason for diseases. If you can get rid of damp qi, you can solve many illnesses without changing your diet.

If you stay away from cold drinks for one month, two months, and three months, you will experience many good changes in your weight and body health.


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