Re-Discover Dark Box of Emotions Inside


Attended: Vancouver healing retreat
Month and Year: July 2018
Duration: 4 weeks
From: Switzerland
Background: started less than 1 year ago

Anita was diagnosed with different tumors in twelve different parts of her body a while ago. Western medicine treatment like Chemotherapy brought her so much pain and sufferings, so she decided to seek for alternative treatment. she found ZN Qigong at a local Qigong workshop in Europe in October 2017. And then she went to one month healing retreat in Dali China in December 2017. And then she came to Vancouver healing retreat for another one month.

This was what she shared at the end of the retreat:

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Hun Yuan Ling Tong
dragon spine qigong
live a whole you qigong retreat

When you can experience the true heart, you return to #tao #dao where there is no limitation, only unlimited possibilities. #unlimitedpossibilities ...

Only when we live out of mind, can we experience the true heart, the true nature of our existence. #trueexistence #trueheart ...

Any kinds of suffering can happen in any given situation, only because we live in the mind, and seldom in real existence. #outofmind ...

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