What Doctors Really Mean When They Say Your Disease Is Incurable

what doctors mean

Disclaimer: We are not against doctors nor their profession. We give tribute to them, especially with the patience and sacrifices they made to heal our people during this pandemic. We honor and respect their lives as they became helpful in our society. Our purpose in this article is to give hope to anyone who is experiencing critical illness.

Our lives are truly a blessing. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and being with our loved ones. But for some people, waking up every day is like being closer to their “deadline” because the doctors said they have a critical illness that is incurable. Some have even received life sentences because of their illness.

Of course, the first thing we will react to when we get sentences from doctors is a shock. But, you have to understand what the doctor means when they say your disease is incurable. Or at least needs someone who understands it, like Master Dai.

But first, let me explain to you why doctors seem to know what they’re saying is always real. We all know that doctors are the professionals to go through whenever we are feeling sickly, it somehow became the societal norm. But why is it that doctors are always the ones to go through such situations? Given the fact that they have studied the human body for almost 10 years and how it works before they first see a patient. They have undergone several episodes of training before they become licensed professionals.

Perhaps, you also have to understand that doctors are still human. They make countless mistakes just like us, they also still got a lot to learn like us.

Besides, learning comes from experience, right? Just like doctors giving us diagnoses and prescriptions, they solely base your case on the previous cases they have handled before. They base their assumptions on your life span with other’s experiences. In other words, they ‘generalize’. Or maybe as simple as, to some doctors, that they don’t yet know how to cure you because they haven’t experienced it before.

truth be told

Does it make sense to you now? Yes? So what will you do if the doctor says you only have a few days to live? I must say, RUN! Find someone who can help you. Continue to live your life because no one could ever know how long it will be. No one can ever decide your life, but you. Always choose to have hope. Besides, we’ve heard a lot of cases who lived after the given “deadline” of the doctor. Miracles can happen if you believe them.

Another thing is, why do doctors always give us prescriptions? It’s because patients always ask for instant recovery. Western medication can quickly deal with the symptoms due to its laboratory-made chemicals. We might not feel the side effects of this now, but those chemicals may cause us another sickness in the long run. So, it is always better to switch on herbal medicines (such as Chinese traditional medicines) because it contains organic ingredients that are beneficial for your body not only now but even gradually.


We have to admit that, western medicines might help to ease the pain or prevent it from getting worse. Traditional herbal medicines might help to nourish and maintain our body despite the illness. However, all medicines no matter if it’s chemical-based or natural-based, could hardly cure those chronic illnesses completely. The only and ultimate cure is within you. How to activate that cure ability within, would be another topic.

Again, let me remind you that no one can ever know or decide how long your life will last. Live as if every day is worth celebrating. No one knows how your body and your mind work more than you. So, continue hoping, practicing, and living your way.

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