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Don’t Train Your Brain To Make More Money

Human brains are trainable, just like animals. And one of the things we are being trained to do on a daily basis is to make money. Not only thinking about money brings a lot of stress, but it is also dangerous to train your brain to make more money. We will explain this in the article.

Did you notice? That most of the experiments of scientists when it comes to mind training, animals were involved. Like the Classical and Operant Conditioning by Ivan Pavlov where they experimented with stimulus, response, and reinforcement or punishment in dogs and mice.

Basically, they trained how the animals would react if a stimulant (an object that could trigger them) is presented. Also, how their voluntary behavior would be strengthened by reinforcement and weakened by punishment.

Humans Being Trained Like Animals

As amazing as it sounds, we don’t notice that we are being trained like animals too! Does it make sense that we learn things from repetition and practice, reinforcement and punishment too? To be honest, those experiments were made to be applied to us humans.

Not that it’s a bad thing though. Scientists made this for the better discipline of humans, for schools to have an appropriate teaching style, and for parents to have better parenting. It really depends on how people would use it.

Practice Makes Perfect

I’m sure you ever heard of the saying “practice makes perfect”. We learn by practicing and we’ve been doing this every day since then. In our household chores, in studying in school, in doing tasks in jobs, in practicing a performance piece for a competition, in practicing a sport for a tournament, etc. That’s how humans function and live.

Same thing as how society educated us with money. We are trained to make more money because we are programmed to think it is normal to finance ourselves well to be successful and happy.

When your mind focuses on one thing, your mind will become more conscious of it. Just like if you start learning or want to learn Taekwondo, everywhere you go you’ll notice Taekwondo gym, clothes, and so on.

Even sometimes, you know they are also Taekwondo players based on their walk, their language, or the way they dress. Funny how amazing it is, right?

Brain Focus On Making More Money

Now let’s relate it with money again, the more you focus on making money, the more you’ll be trapped in the money mindset. Actually, it’s okay to seek financial growth; that’s how you survive in human society.

But what is not good is craving more and more money until it becomes an obsession and madness. Until it becomes money is the only thing you worship and value.

Why do you think keeping thinking about making money actually helps in making more money? It will only cause you stress and frustration.

When you put money aside for what you do, when you prioritize improving your passion, suddenly you will notice that more money will be rewarded to you. Because you love what you’re doing, and you are working for your growth and not to be a slave of salary.

money cant buy

That’s why it’s REALLY dangerous to train your brain to make more and more money. It will cost you the more valuable things in your life such as your health, your loving relationships, and your overall well-being. Money can’t actually buy those things.

I know this could be sort of overwhelming because this is not the perspective we are used to reading, but what can we do to avoid this dangerous money entanglement? Focus on the things that money can’t buy.

Think of it deeply. Repeat it. Until it becomes your regular thought process.

Remember if your physical health and mental health are compromised by your money-making habit, it is really worth it?

How you treated your well-being will manifest in your physical existence and even in non-physical ones. You can’t afford its consequences. We will talk more about it in our courses in Onenergy app.


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